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Marvelous Modern Wooden Pocket Watches. Introducing Memento Timepieces.

The concept of the pocket watch goes waaaay back. But bringing it a modern look and feel (and an affordable price) is Memento Watches of Hong Kong. Memento is a delicate timepiece housed into an elegant wooden shell of sandal wood or maple wood, giving each single watch a distinctive texture and pattern. Don't think you'd actually put a pocket watch in your pocket? Consider clipping it to your briefcase, handbag, backpack or keychain.

Product specifications:
• Crown and case: hairline finish 204 stainless steel and alloy
• Movement: Miyota co. Citizen quartz two hands movement (Japan)
• Wooden case: sandal wood (South Africa) / maple wood (China)
• Dimensions: 500 x 580mm
• Warranty: 1 year
• Designed in Hong Kong s.a.r
$125 USD

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