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Glass Sink Basin Options With Fish Or Objects Of Your Choice.

above: Kosta Boda's glass Lagoon Sink Basin with fish

The Lagoon basin, designed by Kjell Engman, one of Kosta Boda´s glass artists, are made with meticulous care. Each one is unique with decorative air bubbles creating an image of water. Available with the little blown glass encased fishy or not.

above: Kosta Boda's glass Lagoon Sink Basin without fish

One thing to note: The basin does not have an overfill protection, the valve in the bottom does not close tight, so you can not fill up water in the sink.

Hand made in glass.
Size: H 300 mm W 500 mm.
Volume: 103 cl.
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Glass Basins With Space for Photo or Objects
Another option for those who like decorative clear sinks are these tempered glass basins which have room beneath them for items of photos.

price: $1000, available at Opulent Items.

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