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Altered Perspectives - Plates As Canvases by Little Owl Designs.

The mixed media collection, Little owl Designs' Altered Perspectives is a mixed media collection that merges classic, traditional and Fauve fine art paintings with various types of Transferware dishes to result in unique art assemblages.

Alpine Chalet:

Portrait in Blue:

Fox Hunt:


The still lives, portraits and landscapes atop various styles of glossy dinnerware create juxtapositions of texture, materials, and imagery. The pieces provoke 'thinking outside the frame' as they present a blend of traditionally framed art with everyday objects.

Amsterdam Canal Scene:

Guitar Player and Flora:

Green Gingerpot on Blue:

Still Life in Brown:

As each set in the Altered Perspectives series is made from different paintings, and plates made by various producers of European tableware, each finished set is unique.

Pohen Mountain:

Mount Malabar:

Fauve Chinoiserie:

Costa Rica:

Fisherman On The Beach:

Fisherman On The Beach (detail):


Twin Peaks:


Brushes in Chinese Pot and Fête Champaitre:

Who is Little Owl Design?

Bruce Wayland and Marcello DeSimone (above) are the creatives behind Little Owl Design and combine their backgrounds in Art History, Fine Art, Culinary Arts and Menswear Design to create unique art and design.

Little Owl Design will show their "Altered Perspectives" during AIR8, Art in Red Light: the Independent Art Fair from 20 to 23 September 2012 in the Oude Kerk in Amsterdam:

Some of the sets in this post have already been sold, but many others are still available. See them all at Little Owl Design.

all images © Little Owl Design, some have been altered slightly in color and brightness for this post

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