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16 New Luxurious Motorcycle Helmets Inspired By Various Travels From Ruby Atelier.

above: The Tuileries helmet with real gold-plated chrome trim

After months of silent preparation Ruby Atelier introduces their seventh helmet collection.

Jérome Coste imagined this new collection evoking four travel journeys, extending the color range and original graphic vocabulary for the brand.

The new helmets feature deep rich lacquered colors with black rubber trim inspired by the Tropics:

detail of Folie Mericourt

detail of Paradis:

Pastels evocative of Palm Springs in the fifties, with chrome trim or gold-plated (3 microns) chrome trim:

detail of Tuileries:

detail of François 1er:

Colors and designs inspired by NASA and Space Astral travel (with an "Apollo" paint job of stripes and black leather detailing, some with a carbon fiber finish and mirror varnish):

detail of Vega:

And lastly, Hot Rod-inspired styles (very Speed Racer!) with graphics like a painted trident and pinstripes reminiscent of Vintage Los Angeles hot rods:

detail of El Mirage:

Detail of Rosamond:

The new livery of 16 ruby helmets launches the 10th of July at all of their official dealers.

Ruby Atelier

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