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New Print Campaign For Bering Canned Seafood From BBDO Moscow.

These three print ads from BBDO's Moscow office remind me of 'old-school' advertising. One actually has to spend some time looking at the ad to appreciate it. That's right... takes more than 2 seconds to actually 'get them.'

While some critics will complain that the ads do not uniquely brand Bering enough (the ol "you could place any canned seafood brand at the bottom of the ad"), I don't buy this statement. When it comes to most packaged goods, unless you have a recognizable spokesman or a cutesy little iconic character (like Charlie the Tuna or the Bumble Bee Chef), it is the look and tone of your ads that build the brand.

The lack of a typical prepared food shot, a 'bite and smile' photo or even a product shot help distinguish these in the category.

Fishing (Dangers):

Fishing (Equipment):

Fishing (Consequences):

The engraving style illustrations by Nishikant Palande are really terrific:

The takeaway: Our canned fish is as good as the fish you may catch out in the open sea. Just without all that terrible hustle.

The tagline: Simpler Than Fishing

Brand: Bering
Agency: BBDO, Moscow, Russia
Chief Creative Officer: Igor Lutz
Executive Creative Director: Igor Lutz
Creative Director: Mihai Coliban
Copywriters: Artem Mukhin, Andrey Sivkov
Art Directors: Mihai Coliban, Maxim Kitaev, Oleg Panov
Illustrator: Nishikant Palande
Art Buyer: Giuliana Giora
Account Manager: Ekaterina Konovalova

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