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Two Different Artists Paint The Same Unusual Subject: Rubber Band Balls.

It may seem like an odd subject to you, but clearly not to artists Canadian Joanna Strong and Sandy Wilcox of the U.S., both of whom were separately inspired to paint a series of the same exact subject: Rubber band balls.

above left: Joanna Strong, A Joyous Voyage; above right: Sandy Wilcox, RBB#9

Painting them as a singular subject in the style of contemporary realism, Strong's paintings are slightly more photo-realistic with dramatic lighting and on a black background, making the bright colors pop. Wilcox's images of the same subject are painted in a smaller format, a little softer in execution and color and are featured on pale neutral backgrounds with soft shadows.

I have chosen to feature 14 paintings by each artist. I find both equally appealing and would love to own one of each.

Joanna Strong's Entanglement Series (sizes range from 16"x 16" to 48" x 48"):

A Joyous Voyage:

Birthday Party:

Climbing Trees At Sunset:

Gone Shopping, Back Soon:


It's A Beautiful Evening:

Picking Wild Strawberries at The Beach:

Sail Away:

The News:

Undiscovered Country:

Up In The Airy Mountain:

We Could Be So Happy:

Wrapped Up:

all of the above paintings by Joanna Strong have been sold, to see more of her work, visit her site

Sandy Wilcox's Rubber Band Balls (sizes range from 10" x 10" to 20" x 16.5":

RBB #5:

RBB #6:

RBB #7:

RBB #8:

Rubber Band Ball #1 (sold):

Rubber Band Ball #2:

Rubber Band Ball #3:

Rubber Band Ball #4:

Rubber Band Ball #5:

Rubber Band Ball #10:

Rubber Band Ball #14:

Rubber Band Ball #15:

Rubber Band Ball #16:

To purchase one of Sandy Wilcox's Rubber band ball paintings, visit her site.

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