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Mordaunte's Coffin Shaped Gemstones & Jewelry Are A Spooky Way To Sparkle.

Mordaunte's Coffin-Shaped Gems and Jewelry specializes in semi-precious faceted gemstones, cut into a perfect 6-sided coffin shape by exclusive contract with an international gemstone company. Gemstones include colors such as Blood, Death, Shroud, Moss, Flesh, Scalded, and Pentacle. In stock sizes range from 3 to 10 carats.

"So far, I am the only one in the world that does this", states Mordaunte - owner, designer and creator (shown below).

In addition to the gemstones, she designs and creates finished jewelry in both men's and women's fashions. These include rings, earrings, pendants, and tie tacks, done in sterling silver as well as 14k gold. In keeping with the coffin-shaped design, purchases are even shipped in a cardboard coffin-shaped box. Mordaunte's clients buy her jewelry for costume decoration, funerary wear, immortalizing a departed loved one, wedding sets, and everyday wear with a "kick". "Most people don't realize it's a coffin shape until you tell them - they just comment that it's a beautiful stone", says Mordaunte, "When I mention that it's a coffin shape, they gasp - "That's awesome!". Many customers refer to her business as "The Morbid Tiffany's".

Mordaunte started her custom coffin-shaped gemstone "business" from her desk in her basement in the spring of 2000. She offered 3 different stone materials in two sizes. She then set up a internet service-provider website and went into business. Slowly, but surely, the business grew both in the USA and Internationally. More and more interest was revolving around her unusual gemstones, especially the idea of offering them in pre-made jewelry. Being in the IT field, she had never set a piece of jewelry in my life. However, after much research and "trial and error" she started setting her gemstones in oval and marquise pre-made settings.

As the business continued to grow it took on a life of it's own. Mordaunte began supplying jewelry to celebrities and rock bands that had found her online site. She was invited by the people at OzzFest to be a vendor on their tour. Radio stations and TV shows asked her for interviews. Haunted Houses, Horror Conventions and Gothic Nightclubs contacted her to be a guest and a vendor at their events. In 2005 Mordaunte re-designed the coffin gemstone shape to the perfect 6-sided coffin you see today and has added several colors to her line since then.

The coffin-shaped gems have made many a wicked woman happy and have been used as engagement rings, such as in the examples shown below.

A white topaz coffin gem surrounded by real diamonds makes for an unusual engagement ring:

above black glove image (cropped) © All rights reserved by Countessa Di Fangxious

Other jewelers use her stones as a source for their own creations, such as Lyndsay Brown of Idle Hands Designs on etsy who makes them into pendants, rings and cufflinks set in sterling silver:

shop for the above jewelry at Idle Hands

Coffin Gems and Jewelry Facts:
•All Coffin Gems are cut from genuine semi-precious stones such as sapphire and garnet
•The perfect 6-sided "toe pincher" coffin shape is exclusive to Mordaunte's Coffin Gems
•Each Coffin Gem is expertly faceted, polished and inspected by a professional gemologist
•Sizes are exact - weights are approximate (different gemstone materials weigh differently)
•Visit the Birthstones page for traditional and modern birthstone color charts
•Visit the Gemstones page for color choices and size comparison
•Each piece of jewelry is custom designed in Sterling Silver to hold the Coffin Gems, but is available in other settings upon request

Mordaunte's Coffin-Shaped Gems and Jewelry can be viewed and purchased at her online store -

Wrap Your Loved One Around Your Finger. Literally. Contura Rings by Thomas Geison.

Jewelry designer Thomas Giesen has been creating and producing his own jewellery collections in his own workshop for 20 years.

With several beautifully crafted pieces to his credit, it's his Contura rings that fascinate me. He developed the idea of crafting luxury rings from a human profile in 1998 and it took him a few years to develop the technique to get it precisely right. The final result is a very unique and personal Red Dot Design Award-winning piece of jewelry.

The Contura Rings can be crafted from yellow, white, rose or black gold, silver, titanium, platinum or stainless steel. Available in 8,10,12 and 14mm widths, the rings are suited to any gender or age.

And many options are available. Diamonds, pearls and other gemstones may be added in a variety of styles (see below):

Jeweller Thomas Giesen:

Prices range quite a bit depending on the style and material. For more information or to order one visit this site.

Wear A Real Rock On Your Finger. Natural Agate Druze Rings From Rablabs of New York.

Hand-crafted from solid pieces of natural agate druze, these ONDO rings by Rablabs are each a little bit different. Polished shanks with rough crystallized tops, the rings shimmer and catch the light- as well as everyone's attention.

Colors and patterns on these rings vary. Each is formed by water and minerals rushing through an ancient lava stream. Some appear almost clear, others darker, others are infused with colors like yellow purple or brown. Each as individual as you are.

The rings come in three size ranges and at the time of this post, cost $88 USD a piece.
buy them here

Brand Your Spouse With The Hilarious Titanium Anti-Cheating Wedding Ring.

The Cheeky has designed this hilarious high-strength titanium wedding band on which the words "I'm Married" are embossed in reverse on the interior of the ring, leaving a legible impression on your finger when the band is removed.

Go ahead, try picking up someone in a bar with the words "I'm Married" depressed into your skin.

The Anti-Cheating Ring costs $550 and is available in any size.

Buy it here
Also available for £359.99 at iWoot.

Romance That Floats On Your Fingers. Miniature Worlds in Resin Rings by Shannnam.

above: a preview of the The Cupid & Pysche Valentine's Day Rings in the making

Not everyone can afford to spend two month's salary on a diamond ring for their significant other on Valentine's Day (sorry DeBeers). So here's a much less expensive alternative that may be a novelty but it will still make your loved one's heart go a-flutter.

Hong Kong-based handmade accessories designers Shannnam (chan io yau riyo and kwong ho sun howard) have encapsulated miniature worlds in resin to wear upon your finger. For this coming Valentine's Day, they've released a new limited edition collection, Cupid & Psyche, which consists of eight limited edition rings in which sweet couples, young and old, bask in the comfort of one another's company.

“Cupid and Psyche” Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Rings

Until We Don't Meet Again and the Path We Went Through:

The Promise (in four possible variations; Child, Autumn, Maple, Sakura):

Smell The Taste and Until we Don't Meet Again (Spring):

Other views of the Cupid and Psyche Valentine's Day Rings:

The rings are 100% handmade and come in two sizes, small and medium. Presently Shannnam has two collections, Fragmented Chronicles and the limited edition Cupid and Psyche rings.

Their Citizen Rings, shown below, are not yet available for sale:

The Fragmented Chronicles Rings Collection:

You can customize the tiny narratives by choosing from their miniature figures, making them even more personal.

above: The cast of characters from whom you can choose

all images courtesy of Shannam.

Shop their online store

An affiliated shop who sells the rings:
M O O I Shop
G/F NO.25 Haven Street,
Causeway Bay Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2882 1384
Mon-Sun 13:00 - 20:00

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.