Move Over Silly Bands, Here's Some Sexy Bands For Grown-Ups.

If you haven't heard of silly bandz, you've either not come in contact with anyone under the age 20 in the past month or you live under a rock. As a matter of fact, the trend is so large that today The Daily What via joystiq has a post about the upcoming Silly Bandz Nintendo DS game from Zoo Games.

And even the technician at my dermatologist was wearing them last week.

above: children are stacking, trading and collecting Silly Bands like crazy

"Silly Bands" are the term given to shaped rubber bands that people have begun wearing as bracelets. The animal and object shaped colorful rubber bands have become collectible, traded and worn in multiples on the arms of kids and adults alike.

But if you want a little more adult version (or to compete with your children), Kikkerland has designed them in the shape of four different Kama Sutra positions- shown above on the wrist and below.

Made of silicone and sold 24 to a package (six of each design).

Kama Sutra Bands

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C'mon people, it's only a dollar.