Giant Glossy Lego® Storage Blocks In Nine Fun Colors.

A long time ago I introduced you to Lego-like furniture in the form of Luna Blocks. Now, fun new glossy plastic storage bins, officially licensed by Lego® and made exclusively for STORE, are available in 9 fun colors. Included in the collection is a large LEGO man head (also called a Minifig head).

The sad news is that they're so big, STORE can currently can only ship the LEGO storage boxes to UK, Ireland, BFPO and Benelux countries. They say it's simply too expensive to ship to North America, Australia etc., but have claimed they're working on it!

The large bins have 8 knobs, the small bins have 4. The LEGO MAN (minifig) storage head is available in one size only.

LEGO Storage head
Dimensions: 28cm high x 24cm across
LEGO Storage - Large
Dimensions: 18cm high x 50cm wide x 25cm deep
Internal Dimensions: 11cm high x 48cm wide x 22.5cm deep
LEGO Storage - Medium
Dimensions: 18cm high x 25cm wide x 25cm deep
Internal Dimensions: 11cm high x 22.5cm wide 22.5cm deep

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