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26 More Gold-Plated Items For Those Whose Disposable Income Exceeds Taste.

It's time for another round up of grotesquely gold items. It's been while since I blogged about the 22ct gold dog crate and the world's most expensive gold bicycle and I know you are aware of the glut of gold-plated laptops, game and mobile phones -- if you aren't, check my Diamond & Gold tech, mobile phone and gadget links here.

above: Beretta's limited edition gold plated sub machine gun

But the gilding doesn't stop there. From guns to guitars, kitchen appliances to baby carriages, here's a round up of more unusual real gold-plated (and in one case, solid gold) items by various individual or companies.

Gold-plated Beretta PM12 S limited edition Sub machine gun:

The million dollar GoldCaster Guitar, with diamonds:

Gold For The Kitchen:
Gold-Plated BBQ by BeefEater:

The Angel Gold-Plated Juicer from Easy Health:

24kt gold plated Jura-Capresso IMPRESSA F9 Limited Edition :

Gold For the Bathroom:
Gold plated tubs by Gold Noble of Korea:

Gold plated Regio Toilet by Inax:

Vitraform's gold sink:

22ct plated gold Trolley from Skypak:

Big Gold Cars:
Gold-plated Enzo Ferrari:

Gold-plated Audi R8:

Gold-plated Porsche 911:

Gold-plated Mercedes 63AMG:

Mini Gold Cars:
Miniature 18k Gold Lambo by Ultima:

Stuart Hughes' miniature Bugatti Veyron made of gold with diamond headlamp:

Miscellaneous Gold Items:
Gold Noble of Korea sells these 24k Gold-plated flash drives and pencils:

Limited edition 24k Gold Python Skin Fendi Handbag:

Minox LX Gold Limited Edition 8x11 mm Film Spy Camera (24k Gold Plated)

Minox MDC Gold Limited Edition 35mm film Camera (24k Gold Plated)

Minox DC1011 Carat 10.1MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (24k Gold Plated with 10 2mm Diamonds)

Gold-plated Silver Cross carriage by pram restorers Graham Richardson and Alison Murfet, who made this for Harrod's.

24kt plated Gold Dumbells. Made especially for Nancy Sinatra, they are available for purchase from 1st Dibs:

Darth Maul Limited edition Gold-plated light saber:

The 22ct gold plated dog crate and gold bicycle I mentioned earlier:

If you never saw it, check out my post on gold versions of many other items, too.

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