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Australia's We Are Handsome Brings Us Wearable Waterproof Art.

Sydney, Australia's We Are Handsome swimwear and body suits turns your body into a canvas. Bikinis, body suits, and men's trunks are made by hand, with the finest quality Italian Lycra. The pieces are then printed upon with high density inks using a placement sublimation process.

Tyra Banks rocked the Africa Scoopback on the cover and in an inside editorial of her June issue:

Each of the designs are limited editions and designed by their in-house artist often using dozens of images to get the right look and feel. Here's their new line for 2011.

Africa scoopback and bikini:

Arabia scoopback and bodysuit:

Bordeaux bodysuit:

Los Angeles scoopback and bandeau:

The Savannah bodysuit:

The Hollywood:

Bahamas trunks:

Bahamas zipsuit:

Yosemite trunks and Bahamas bikini:

Africa trunks and Bordeaux bikini:

Delaware scooback and zipsuit:

The Amazon:

The Jupiter scoopback and zipsuit:

The Yosemite bandeau:

Photography by Sebastian Kriete(cropped for this post)

About Us (from their site):

above: Indhra and Jeremy of We Are Handsome

The idea was to create spellbinding works of art; what resulted was We Are Handsome. Born on the cusp of summer 2009, these colourful palettes of inspiration and finely shaped cuts recall the halcyonic, sun drenched days of old, of Indhra Chagoury’s big beautiful Queensland childhood, of Jeremy Jules Somers’ Big Bad Smoke.

We Are Handsome is the embodiment of Indhra and Jeremy and everyone else who has a love for the beautiful things in life. Their desire to create, design and share perfection has understandably made them a hit with the world, but We Are Handsome still remains true to their roots.

Every piece is 100% Australian designed, every thread is Australian sewn and every We Are Handsome suit is loved. We hope that you are too.
all info and images courtesy of We Are Handsome

They also feature wonderful photographers shooting their collection, the latest being shot by She Is Frank,

be sure to check it out on their blog here.


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