Human Crayons, Plaster Heads & Lip Jewelry By Designer Heli Hietala

I have already shared with you the fabulous carved crayola crayons by Diem Chau. Now, here's another artist/designer who has crafted human-shaped colored crayons.

COLOURS by designer Heli Kristina Hietala are crayons shaped as the human figure. The intent was to show the results of involvement between characters and how communication can range from soft, stimulating, balancing or dirtying (the designers words), depending upon the character which is chosen.

For the 2005 project, she created about 100 crayons, packed in 10 boxes which contain 10 pieces each.

Heli uses the human form, head and facial characteristics in several of her other unusual works as well. Her 2009 "Spirits of Medicine" consist of 30 plaster cast heads, each placed in medical prescription bottles.

And some of her jewelry designs incorporate castings of full feminine lips like the bracelet and tin rings shown below:

See more of her work here.

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