Have a Koons-Like Christmas With These Awesome Balloon Dog Ornaments.

I know it's not even Halloween yet and blogging about Christmas ornaments before we've even reached the end October should be verboten, but if you're on the hunt for some cool ornaments this year and want to get the good ones before they sell out, you'd best take a look at these. Not that you care, but I already bought a bunch of these this morning.

These Jeff Koons-like* puppies will hip up any tree:

Classic Terrier in metallic red:

Dachshund in metallic silver:

Poodle in glossy green:

Inspired by the wonderful Balloon Dog sculptures of Jeff Koons, these are mini modern art for your tree.

above: Jeff Koons' Balloon Dog at the Palace of Versailles. see a previous post on that exhibit here.

Urban Outfitters is now offering a pre-order sale of these fabulous metallic glass Balloon Dog Ornaments. Each is approximately 4" wide and there are three different styles of dogs (terrier, poodle and dachshund) in three different Christmas-y colors. Note: you don't get to choose which ornament specifically, they do (kind of like blind-boxed), but any of them would be a wonderful addition to a contemporary Christmas.

Buy the Balloon Dog Ornaments

*these ornaments are not affiliated with or endorsed by Jeff Koons in any way


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Ok, Christmas will look much cooler from now on.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.