Like Your Facebook Friends Enough To Hang Them On Your Wall?

Like your FB friends enough to immortalize them on a large printed poster? That's the idea behind grad student Benjamin Lotan's 'Printing Facebook', a custom printed Friend Poster. For $20, you can choose from your own friends, your favorite groups or fan pages and have each of the profile pics ganged on one photographic print.

Paper stock: Benjamin uses Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper, a high-quality professional grade paper with real weight that will not rip or fold easily. Your poster is exposed onto this paper and developed with traditional photo chemicals so it will have a richer image quality than any ink-jet printer process.

above left: the 5,000 pic poster is the largest Benjamin has printed to date and just about reaches the limit.

How many friends?
The size of your friends' photos are optimized to fill out the full space, so the dimensions will depend upoon the total number of friends. The code is optimized such that your poster will look fantastic whether you have 200 friends, or up to 2,200 friends.

Custom options: You can decide how much space you want between your friends' pictures. If you want to maximize on the size of your friends photos you can even decide to print a poster with no margins at all.

For the background color, there are 4 options: black, white, and two shades of facebook blue. You can preview each color as you go through the ordering process.
*please note that your poster may print a few inches shorter than 40"

• Large 20"x40" print
• Customizable Options
• High Resolution Print
• Quality Photo Paper
• Print Groups & Fan Pages
• $20
Order yours here.


C'mon people, it's only a dollar.