Bieber Fever Spreads To Fingertips. A First Look At His Nicole by Opi Nail Polishes.

above: the collection is said to include a total of 14 colors, with the above six launching first.

Bieber Fever spreads to fingertips. That's right, tween heartthrob Justin Bieber has collaborated with Opi's new Nicole line to design a collection of nail polish which hits Wal-Mart stores this December after which it will appear in Target, Sears and several other stores.

The collection will debut with six shades in this December; One Less Lonely Glitter (a metallic lavendar), Prized Possession Purple (grape), Give Me The First Dance (silver), Me + Blue (metallic blue), OMB! (metallic red), and Step 2 the Beat of my Heart (heart shaped specks). Come February, the collection will be made available at other stores, including Target and Sears.

Here's a first look at some of the colors:

above: Justin Bieber's One Less Lonely Girl (metallic lavender) polish For Nicole by Opi

above: Justin Bieber's Blue +Me (metallic blue) polish For Nicole by Opi

above: Justin Bieber's Give Me The First Dance polish For Nicole by Opi

Laugh if you must, but this little man with the popular haircut knows what he's doing or his managers do. Aside from his likeness splayed all over T-shirts, calendars and jewelry, he made a recent appearance on television's CSI, his 3D concert is soon to be released in theaters and he's soon launching "First Step 2 Forever: My Story", his first memoir.

above: One Less Lonely Glitter, Give Me The First Dance ad Step 2 the Beat of my Heart

He will be joining the likes of Katy Perry and Serena Williams who will both be launching collections with Nicole by OPI.

images and info courtesy of Nicole by Opi.

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