Modern Glass Bathubs Just Keep Getting Cooler - Here Are 12 of The Best.

above: the Allos glass tub anchors to a partial wall that houses a monitor and faucets.

I know you may have seen some collections of glass and/or transparent bathtubs on other blogs and although some of those tubs may be on this list, this also features some new and more recent designs, so I thought I'd give you an up-to date look at some of the more beautifully designed glass and predominantly glass bathtubs.

Allos glass bathtub by Ross Lovegrove for Glass Idromassaggio Imagine Tomorrow collection:

Bagno Sasso glass and wood tubs:

Riverstone Vasca Naturele glass tub:

Plavis Design Avi glass and Corian tub:

The Ebb glass and Corian tubs by Us Together are part of this larger collection

Even Moody Acquario glass tub (with built in aquarium):

The Milo glass and leather tub for Grupo Treesse:

Noa glass bathtub (or water lounge) for Hoesch:

Novellini Cristal glass bathtub:

Prizma Studio glass Tulip Tub:

The Omvivo Le Cob glass and Corian Tub:

Also sold as the Falling water glass tub:

The following tubs are the SAME tub, and are sold by various companies. The tub is manufactured in China by Newstar and made with safety glass. They are marketed under different names and some have added jets making them whirlpools. It is available in all transparent glass or with a glass or a stainless steel seat insert.

tub with seat:

without seat:

as sold by Wausana:

as sold by IMG:

As sold by The Bathroom Store

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.