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The Trendy-Tub: Recycled Storage Containers Become Furniture & More

The latest creation from GĂ©rard Dumora and Jacqueline Lauth of Pacific Art Design is a smart and artful repurposing of basic cardboard and galvanized steel tubs.

The Trendy-Tub®, made in France, is an example of functional and fun eco design. Basically, it is a barrel made of a very resistant type of cardboard, encircled by two metal-rings and a lid made of galvanized metal.

The factory, from which Trendy-Tub buys the barrels, used to recycle the lids only because it is difficult to recycle products made of two materials - you have to separate them and it's a costly process for which you need special machines. This is the moment that Trendy-Tub intervenes by buying the barrels that once served only for transporting flour.

The barrels are like new, sometimes with little defects on the lid, which they easily fix by using a hammer.

The tubs are then decorated. Wrapped in a specially printed paper (the type used for billboards) and offered in two sizes. The designs are endless; Graffiti, Steampunk, Pop Art, Retro, Manga, Surf art, Baroque, Floral, Animal Prints, Plaids and so much more. Plus, you can create your own custom ones.

Here are a few examples to show you how varied the styles of art are:

The dimensions of the Trendy-Tub are perfect for either a chair or table. The small version has a height of 44.5 cm, a diameter of 41.5 cm and weighs only 3.9 kg. The big version is 74 cm high, has a diameter of 46 cm and weighs 5 kg. Both dimensions correspond to the standard-heights of seats and tables.

The Trendy-Tub® can be used in multiple ways: storage (dry dog food, laundry basket, cushions, blankets, etcetera), seat, table (bedside, console table, pedestal table). It's useful and decorative and finds a place anywhere, even in small interiors. They can transform the tub into furniture as well; coffee table, dining table, shelves and even pendant lamps.

Below is their booth at Maison et Object show in September, 2009

In addition to the simple tubs, they have turned the lids into clocks:

and wall art:

and chairs and tables:

and storage or shelving:

Pendant lamps and floor seats, all made from the same recycled tubs:

When the barrels arrive in their warehouse, they decorate them using “trendy” wallpapers or designs from artists, which they print on a special type of paper (used for outside-advertising posters).

Below are three very different examples of artwork available.

The choice of designs is huge, as mentioned above, and can be categorized in different collections: off-beat, humorous, artistic, childish, romantic, etc... and they can even customize your Trendy-Tub® with your own photos or logos. They also offer a raw-version.

Learn and see more here.
Jacqueline LAUTH
17 rue de la Somme
68500 Guebwiller FRANCE

tel : +33 (0)389 74 31 01

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