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Three Artists Sink Their Teeth (And Yours) Into Jewelry

PART I*: The use of real teeth or casts of real teeth in jewelry by three very different artists.

above: porcelain tooth bracelet by Claire Johnston, 14lk gold tooth earrings by Kim Kovel, human molar ring by Polly van der Glas, silver and gold cast tooth necklace by Claire Johnston

You might have seen Australian artist Polly Van der Glas' jewelry made with real human teeth on various sites and blogs that post the bizarre, creepy and unusual stuff.

In her first collection of wearable art, the works are handmade in Melbourne with sterling silver and human teeth (she also makes jewelry with human hair). The human teeth with which she works are locally donated and sterilized, and she says' hard to come by', so she welcomes donations.

But she's not the only one turning molars and bicuspids into wearable art. Kim Kovel of Le Knockout will cast your teeth (or your child's) in gold or sterling silver to wear as earrings or a charm, some embedded with gems or engraved with an initial. Custom designs are also available at her store called Le Knockout.

And then there's Claire Johnston, with her Tooth Fairy Series, a collection of oversized slip cast porcelain as well as sterling silver cast human teeth to create bracelets, necklaces and rings.

A trend I do not plan on personally exhibiting, but one I wanted to share.

The work of Polly Van der Glas:

visit her site here.

The work of Kim Kovel:

Kim Kovel of Le Knockout:


The work of Claire Johnston:

visit her blog to learn more.

Chomping at the bit for more?

*This is the first of a two part series on teeth in art. Because there's so much to ruminate over (sorry, I couldn't help myself), tomorrow will feature Part II Biting Art; Mouth Dioramas, Teeth Tattoos and Mini Figs On Molars

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