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Another Mini Modern Masterpiece: The Clearview Dollhouse

I'm happy to see that the trend which was begun by the 2001 Bozart Dollhouse continues with more and more designers creating miniature dollhouses in modern architectural styles.
The latest to receive some attention is the Clearview; created by UK designer Elaine Shaw and her company, MIAIM. (miniature design and architecture).

The Clearview is a four story dollhouse measuring just over 30 inches tall and 31 inches wide. The house features such modern details as double glass doors, sliding glass doors, balconies, a roof terrace and an obviously contemporary style and design. Clearview House is a quality product made in the UK to the highest standards. Their houses are made for collectors over the age of 14; they are not intended as toys.

Dimensions: The base of Clearview is 80cms (31 1/2") wide. The House is 77cms (Appx 30 1/4") wide, 79.5cms (Appx 31") high and 46cms (Appx18") deep.

1:12 Scale
Purchased As A Kit
Build Complete within 1h - 1h: 30m

Features- 'Clearview'-
82H x 72W 18D cm
Roof Terrace
Two Balconies
Modern Design
Over Twenty Windows
Floating Partitions
Four Story
Removable Front Balcony

Detailed Photos:

Sliding double glass doors to balcony:

double glass doors:


dining room:


bedroom and bath:

stairs into bedroom:


The designer, Elaine Shaw, with her creation, The Clearview:

Description: Designer glass paneled double doors welcome you into this beautiful 1 bedroom 1 bath town house. Comprised of an open plan with interior stairs, 2 glass fronted balconies, 1 single and 2 double sliding doors and full length windows throughout that allow a ‘Clearview’ through the house at almost any angle. There's the roof terrace with access from the top floor as well.

images from Barcroft Media for the Daily Mail:

above images of furnished dollhouse courtesy of Barcroft media.

More images (photographs by Jobe Lawrensen for the Telegraph):

and even more close-up detailed images (direct from the site):

To see some of the recent press and UK articles about the house, check out these links:
•Telegraph UK article
•Daily Mail UK article

Shaw’s company Miaim (020-8692 4546; sells undecorated and unfurnished Clearview houses for £395 ($642.00 USD) buy it here.

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