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Teo Jasmin's Digitally Printed Furnishings Combine Artful Images With Classic Styles.

It was time to do an update on the creative digitally printed products by Teo Jasmin. Since the last time I shared her designs with you in Téo Jasmin's Fun Photo Furnishings, she has added more new imagery and several new products to her line of home decor and handbags.

Here are some of her more recent wonderful chairs, armchairs and settees which incorporate graffiti art, urban photography and hand-tinted vintage photography. She also has cushions, make up bags, handbags and stretched canvases in her online store.

To shop for these, as well as many other home and fashion items with these images and more, check out her online store here.

Much To Many A Gamer's Delight, Igor Chak's Space Invaders Alien Couch Is Now A Reality - In Leather.

The Retro Alien Couch (modeled after the classic video game Space Invaders) by Igor Chak is now more than a concept (as you may recall from here) , it's an actual sofa available for purchase. At least for a limited time.

Pics of the protoype that was featured on design blogs previously:

An instant conversation starter, this now produced unique retro gaming inspired couch will be the highlight of any room.

Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California; to insure the highest build quality. It features and all fine leather pixelated retro design, a low profile, and memory foam cushions. This is a limited production and will only be available for a short time.

Width: 77.2 in (196 cm)
Depth: 33.1 in (84 cm)
Height: 29.8 in (75.8 cm)
Seat depth: 22 in (56 cm)
Seat height: 18.5 in (47 cm)

Order your couch today, these couches are hand built custom couches, expect between 2-4 weeks for your couch to be completed. They currently use PayPal for all their payment processing. Customers can setup an account free with PayPal, from there PayPal offers a wide variety of payment options including credit card, e-check, bank transfers, and gift cards. PayPal helps them receive and process your payments in the securest possible way. Upon clicking the link to pay through our payment processor, PayPal, you will be redirected to their site using an SSL (encrypted connection). Fill out your information and include the address you would like it shipped to. As they are based out of Los Angeles, California there will be a sales tax of 9.75% included with the purchase. Shipping cost are a flat fee of $300.00 USD to be shipped anywhere in the USA. Customers are also welcome to pick up their couch directly from the warehouse located 5406 San Fernando Road, Glendale CA 91203 (Customers outside the US please contact them via email)

$5000 USD, Order it here

Front Design Group Uses Their Own Doodles For A New Sofa Design for Moroso.

The new Doodle Sofa from Moroso was born out of a habit that many of us have- designers in particular. Created by the Swedish design group Front, all three members (Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren) used doodles they had made during design meetings to create the sofa's pattern.

The name Doodle embodies the spirit of the new sofa for the modern italian furniture brand. Lines drawn distractedly on a sheet of paper, like doodles, become the decoration of the covers which are then embroidered and laid over the frame like a folded blanket.

The shape of the sofa is that of a folded semicircle whose ends become armrests naturally incorporated in the frame.

Front Design says:
"We doodle absent mindedly - doodling is a kind of half-conscious creative work. It is both a distraction, and also thought to help you concentrate on whatever you are doing at the same time.

The decoration is a kind of by-product of Front's creative process, inscribed onto the folded half circle of the sofa's form.


A Footstool, Armchair and Blanket In One. The Collerette From Casamania.

The "Collerette" designed by Céline Merhand and Anais Morel of Les M Studio (the same women who brought us the Cocon duvet lounge chair) for Casamania is a footrest and a comfortable seat around which is a rolled blanket. Once its "collar" is unrolled, the users can wrap themselves up in the integrated blanket, giving them a cozy comfotable seating experience.

Size: 45x45x48,5 cm, 45x85x48,5 cm
Blanket size: 180x145 cm, 180x175 cm


Furniture Made from Reindeer Parts (apologies to Rudolph).

The "A Part from Reindeer" collection by Thailand's Anon Pairot Design Studio are unique furniture designs which incorporate the body parts from reindeer. No, real reindeer were not killed for this project, but instead fiberglass casts of reindeer parts were painted either antique gold or black and made into the limited collection of benches and seats, which are available for purchase.

The pieces are able to withstand the elements so they can be placed indoors or outside. Anon Pairot can also customize the pieces with engraving upon request.

A Part from Reindeer #1:

On display:

A Part from Reindeer # 02 - $3,199.00 (USD):

A Part from Reindeer # 03 - $4,199.00 (USD):

close-up details:

A Part from Reindeer # 04 - $4,799.00 (USD):

on display:

A Part from Reindeer # 05 - $2,499.00 (USD):

A Part from Reindeer # 06 - $1,999.00 (USD):

On display:

Materials: glass reinforced polyester, colored gold antique or black
Period: 2009-2011
Designer: Anon Pairot
Dimensions: each piece varies
Location: Bangkok

Anon Pairot's Statement about the A Part Collection:
Nowadays we are living with things full with counterfeit things, sex transforming, plastic surgery, artificial nature, richest cosmetic make-up, a man able to transform to woman, a woman affix to become a man, house is not a home, building is not just an architecture, endeavor of aroma developing beyond than its natural existed till do not know its merit. It seems to be that human is looking for maximum perfection of their life and love.

Nevertheless, pre-known of perfection should be recognize should be recognize after understanding in imperfection.

Do we need the most beautiful thing from our boundless desire? Do we try to set value of maximum beautiful to set value of maximum beautiful of the finest thing by its excess price; it does not mean that costly things reflect its owner great taste? Luxury may reflect bad taste.

Thus, Does people looking for finest material super furniture, super functional, someone’s predicted trend in modern world, best proportion which defined by small group of people?

A part exhibition is not answering all those questions. Now, question we want audiences to find the answer from their mind. However, it seems to be an undone design. Be just a thing from something we naively integrated. Be embellished from different things or inexistence combination way of these things.

Things from history, ancient are just an obsolete object we should praise or be tools for us to recreate new things from them. This project attempt to make it seems undesigned, fearless and most innocent understandable design.

Finally, a part which is done by human will not be just “a part”. Furthermore, Will a part be just a part? Does existence of our finished work available? Our dreamt beautiful life has its programmed path or just need to follow the existed social, norm, culture civilization?

Intended of “a part” exhibition is pass forward goodness message to the others more than just the best furniture design.

The pieces #2- #6 can be purchased (free shipping worldwide) from their facebook page. For pricing and availability on A Part from Reindeer #1, contact Detnk

Anon.Pairot Design Studio
Lumpini Place Narathiwat-Chaophraya. Block C, 1103
78/968 Rama III road, Chong Nonsi
10120 Yannawa

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