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A Cool Crib For Your Car: Custom Luxury Garages By GarageMahals

As the world's only company (self-proclaimed) dedicated to the complete transformation of the garage, GarageMahals® provides all the services and products to create a completely unique space. Each garage can be customized around a central theme, from high tech, Art Deco (think Batman, or Route 66), to old world Tuscan.

The concept of GarageMahals® began as the brainchild of founder Michael Rhodig in early 2003. After having several quite boring, but yet state of the art garage interiors for the time, Michael knew the garage could be so much more. After three years of research and development, GarageMahals® was launched in September 2005 and continues to grow.

The First GarageMahal - Industrial High tech

This was the original and first true GarageMahal built by Michael Rhodig to show the world his concept of what a luxury garage environment is supposed to be. Incorporating as many design elements, functionalities, and materials as possible while still maintaining a cohesive and stunning environment was the objective of this project.

See the "Red Button"? When you push the button, a flashing yellow industrial warning light and "awnk - awnk" warning sound draws your attention to mid ceiling above. You observe a large 2 ft. by 10 ft. panel with the far end rotating down from the darkness of the flat black ceiling. The panel rotates to about 65 degrees and stops. Then the bottom of an extension ladder lowers until it touches the floor and everything stops. Your access to the attic above the 13 ft ceiling is now conveniently available. Simply push the red button again and the whole process repeats in reverse until the large panel is again flush with the ceiling.

Smith Garage- Retro Art Deco Gas Station Pumps

This garage was the first for the Smith Family of Paradise Valley, AZ. Mr. Smith really enjoys both the art deco gasoline pumps he had already collected, and the look and feel of high tech. He asked Michael to see if he could make those two world's come together in his garage. Red, silver, and white are the dominant colors of this garage. The lighting facades over the pumps simulate service station awnings of the same time period, while the lighting, workbench, wainscoting, and door panels are purely high tech in appearance.

Michael paid very close attention to detail and to his customer's background and taste. For example, whenever possible, automotive finishes are used, and the white paint on the hanging facades in not just any white, but GM Alpine White, first used on Cadillacs of the late 1950's. Michael chose this color while attending an auto show in Payson, AZ while this project was in design.

You can't miss the use of aircraft safety switches for lighting controls at the workbench. Michael did this as a surprise for the client based on his background as an US Air Force pilot.

The large red panels seen in the image above are actually rolling doors. Mr. Rhodig created these for another customer needing larger storage capacity at floor level than typical box style cabinets. This garage design cost approximately $130.00 per sq. ft.

Scottsdale Garage - A Modern Makeover

This project is a perfect example of a Prestige Class GarageMahal. The client desired a garage environment with a big "Wow Factor" without a big "Oh my God" price.



Using combinations of metallic paints, automotive finishes, GarageMahals Rolling Door Storage, and GarageMahals unique metallic epoxy flooring, created an environment that thrilled the customer and stayed within his budget.

Zen Garage with Waterfalls, Wetbar and TV

This is one Michael calls the "Zen" garage, and is a significant departure from previous work. This home in Paradise Valley, AZ is a custom design using an Asian theme with some elements of Frank Lloyd Wright styling. After careful study of the existing home, Michael knew he could use some elements to produce a stunning and tranquil garage space of organic colors, natural metallics, sounds of falling water and blend them with high tech lighting, surfaces, and audio visual enhancements.

For example, sparkling rain glass complements the water walls and is also used in the home interior. The GarageMahals metallic Bronze epoxy flooring produces a fascinating liquid metal appearance, and the deep crystal clear finish makes the color coats look as though they are under glass. The green-gold metallic tone of the Valspar Brilliant Metallics paint is a perfect blend with the gold and bronze wainscoting, another GarageMahals exclusive product. This material is a shimmering metallic rubber product over a geometric pattern of truncated pyramids. This durable surface prevents damage to the wall and the car door.

The old garage doors were hand painted in a copper/bronze patina that incorporated some of the wall color. Vertical door tracks, lift motors, power outlets, etc., are concealed behind decorative columns. When the door is in the up position, it is hidden behind a decorative cover that suspends from the ceiling. The Zen garage cost approximately $125,000 (for a 752 sq. ft. space).

all images and info courtesy of GarageMahals®

11445 E. Via Linda
Suite 2, Box 437
Scottsdale, AZ 85259-2638

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