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The Easter Bunny Just Threw Up. The 2010 Spring Summer CHANEL Collection.

While I am usually singing the praises of CHANEL, I fear their latest 2010 Spring Sumer Couture collection is making me slightly nauseated.

Pearlized pastel confections walked down the runway donning Minnie Mouse-Meets- Bride of Frankenstein hairdos in the latest Haute Couture Collection from CHANEL.

Looking like sugared Easter eggs on parade, the latest gowns and suits from CHANEL are clad in pastel and silver metallics, accessorized with metallic gold and silver fingerless gloves, shimmery tights, iridescent gauze, pearl laden shoes and lots of futuristic versions of their classic suits.

As always, the clothes are beautifully crafted, the detailing impeccably produced, but I fear this particular collection is a bit too sweet for my taste. The pale pinks, peaches, greens, lavendar, baby blues and yellows look like butter mints and it makes me long for the austere black and white that Chanel is often known for.

As you can see above and below, the skirt has become the skort in many of the designs and the classic tweed jackets have taken on metallic buttons and ornate detailing that is similar to fondant.

I do dig the pearl accented metallic boots, though:

and a few of the gown like the one below:

As if having pastel suits and skorts weren't sugary enough, several of the gown and skirts have a frothy meringue effect:

Even the giant bows with their signature camellia in the hair of the models were overkill.

Is that a rotary phone cord?


The Bride and Groom finale:

To see the entire collection visit CHANEL here.

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