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American Apparel Launches Nail Lacquers

It's not enough for them to dominate the t-shirt market, sell bras, panties, sweaters, leggings, dresses, bathing suits, bodysuits, hosiery, bedding, robes, pet collars and dog clothes, an expanded children's line, button down shirts, accessories and even vintage sunglasses.. now, American Apparel has entered into the beauty industry with the launch of their own nail polish.

The 18 colored Nail Lacquers are in expected trendy bright colors and sell for $6.00 a bottle or can be purchased in 3 packs for $15.00

American Apparel is a vertically integrated manufacturer, distributor and retailer, based in downtown Los Angeles, California. They currently employ approximately 10,000 people globally (about 5,000 in LA), and operate more than 260 retail stores in 19 countries.

Within their business model, knitting, dyeing, cutting, sewing, photography, marketing, distribution, and design all happen in the company's facilities in Los Angeles. The company operates the largest garment factory in the United States, at a time when most apparel production has moved offshore. With their recently opened stores in China, they are now selling Made in USA clothing in the largest consumer market in the world.

American Apparel leverages art, design and technology to advance the business process, while continuing to pioneer industry standards of social and environmental responsibility in the workplace.

Buy the new nail polishes online here. Or in one of their many retail stores.

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