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Art With Bite; Tooth Tattoos, Mouth Molds With Minifigs & Painted Teeth

above: Amy Winehouse tattooed on a tooth

Yesterday and today, my posts are a mouthful. Quite literally.

I decided to write a two part series about teeth used in art. Part 1, yesterday's post, Three Artists Sink Their Teeth (And Yours) Into Jewelry, featured real human teeth or casts of real teeth turned into wearable jewelry by three different designers.

In today's Part II, I'll be introducing you to the teeth tattoos of Steven Heward, the miniature figurines on mouth molds by London Dentist Ian Davis and the varied dental artworks by Art 4 Your Practice.

above: clockwise from upper left, Ian Davis dental mold sculpture, Art 4 Your Practice sculpture, tooth tattoos by Steven Heward, hand painted tooth sulpture by Art 4 Your Practice

1. Teeth Tattoos:

Heward Dental Lab has been in the crown and bridge business for over 30 years. Their Utah-based lab has become known all over the world for its quality crown and bridge work as well as their tooth artwork.

above: Mickey Mouse tattoo on a porcelain molar crown

Animals, royalty, celebrities, logos, letters and more can now live in your own mouth museum. The dental lab has trained tooth artists who will apply custom hand painted artwork (aka tooth tattoos) on a porcelain crown for your tooth.

Unlike most tattoo exhibitionists, these are seen only when the owner wants to share it. The other advantage to these tattoos is that they can easily be removed in five minutes in the dentist’s office with just a little grinding with a rubber wheel.

Tiger Woods and Simon Cowell:

David Letterman, Elvis, Bald Eagle and George Washington:

Amy Winehouse:

Abe Lincoln and a falcon:

Rooster and Panda:

Mr. Incredible, of The Incredibles, shown on dental impression:

all images courtesy of Tooth Artist

above: Steven Heward, is a fine artist who also uses his talent on teeth.

For pricing and instructions for your own tooth tattoo, visit their site:
Heward Dental Lab
789 Dusty Rock Circle
Sandy, Utah 84094
Office (801) 567-1997

Dentist Ian Davis' Minifig Sculptures

Ian Davis (not to be confused with contemporary US artist Ian Davis) has a dental practice in Golders Green, north west London. He was inspired to begin creating these sculptures from a picture he saw in a magazine of miniature figures on ordinary objects. (may have been one of these.)

He keeps the sculptures (which are all narratives about cleaning or repairing teeth) around his office. Davis says ‘Patients have been very positive about them. I liked the idea of miniature figures in everyday life pictured close up. I've certainly not seen them anywhere else. It's quirky and it makes the patients smile in the waiting room.'

images courtesy of and

He is now considering selling the photographs. If you are interested in his miniature dental scenes, his office contact information is below:

Dr. Ian Davis
1005A Finchley Road
Golders Green
NW11 7HB
Telephone: 020 8455 3361

Art 4 Your Practice

Ian Davis probably does not know that he's not the first to put miniature figurines on dental mouth molds, especially since he practices and creates in London. But California based Art 4 Your Practice, a supplier to the medical and dental trade has done the same thing, albeit in a different, more textbook educational sort of way.

The unique, handcrafted art and decorations are sold in either shadow boxes, glass showcases, or as freestanding sculptures. Their pieces are more commercial, designed to decorate the office of a dental professional. Note: Art 4 Your Practice also does the same for Audiology

detail of above left:


and they sell hand painted oversized teeth on stands in various styles:

all images courtesy of Art 4 Your Practice

Art 4 Your Practice
31 panoramic Way, 1st Floor
Walnut Creek, CA 94595

If you missed Part I, Three Artists Sink They're Teeth (and Yours) Into Jewelry

see it here.

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