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Mr. Jones Watches: Telling Time With 'Tude.

We expect watches to tell us the time, but to tell us whether to say 'yes' or 'no'?

Whether or not we are loved and whether or not we are blessed?

These witty wristwatches from mr. jones (aka Crispin Jones) do exactly that and more.

My personal favorite is the "Accurate" (special edition shown above) which holds no punches by reminding us with every glance at the face that time is running out.

Mr. Jones Watches is the new cult watch brand from London with all the designs by Crispin Jones. The watches (and the packaging) are designed with modern looking graphics and fun uses of color without being 'too novelty'. The combination of clever kinetic movements or sayings on the face and hands, stainless steel cases and contrast stitched leather bands (often in 2 colors) make them unique to any other brand. They are genuine indie products entirely conceived and executed following a singular vision. The watches are witty, sassy and silly... and affordable at average price of $130.00 USD

The full line includes two 'special edition' watches, three 'limited edition' watches (numbered to 100 each) and a permanent collection of five styles:

Special Editions

The Accurate:

The New Decider:

Limited Editions

Loves Me, Loves Me Not (words alternate between reading 'loves me' and 'loves me not' each second):

The Watcher (eyes on either side of the face move left and right):

The Future: (words in windows read 'is' and then 'now' alternating with every second)

Permanent Collection

The Accurate:

The Average Day:

The Mantra: (positive reads "you're blessed" and negative reads "no chance" which alternates every second)

Decider (the white words on red say 'yes' and on the black say 'no')

The New Decider: (word in bubble alternates between yes in green and no in red with every tick of the secondhand)

The Packaging

The packaging below features either artwork by illustrator Nadine Faye James:

or by illustrator Kate Street

Mr. Jones himself, Crispin Jones:

"today everyone has a mobile phone to do the really functional timekeeping, this means that the wristwatch is free to do something a bit different. the watches i design reflect and comment on society, both on the role that time plays in all our lives and also on the social impact of technology. of course because i would like people to wear these watches, i also work very hard to make them beautiful objects in their own right." - Crispin Jones about the design of his watches.

You can purchase all the mr. jones watches directly from the site. And yes, they ship worldwide!

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