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The Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle: Another Pricey Green Machine

Having blogged about The Mission One electric motorcycle, it's only fair to share with you another expensive eco-friendly bike; The Brammo Enertia, an 18-horsepower electric street legal motorcycle with a top speed of 55 miles an hour, which made its public debut in New York yesterday.

The 280-pound Enertia is available for preorder at $11,995 — or a serialized limited production model for $14,995-, though the electric motorcycle is eligible for a 10 percent federal tax credit. Rumor has it five west coast Best Buy stores are stocking and selling the Enertia street bike.

Design Influences
The Enertia has been shaped as much by current events and our cultural history as the pencil of the one designing it. With global warming and dependence on foreign oil becoming increasing important social issues and a response from the transportation industry seeming elusive, the Enertia was designed as a solution to a problem.

The designers of the Enertia focused on eliminating elements that contributed to intimidation and instead emphasized the ones that exposed the pure joy of motorcycling. The lightweight motorcycle has a magical history in the US and worldwide, changing attitudes and capturing the imagination of the people every time we needed a more efficient, friendlier mode of transportation. Celebrating the spirit of these iconic bikes was a design goal for the Enertia. A dichotomy of old school purist values and new school technology, the Enertia hits that perfect balance between the familiar and the future.

Truly Designed from the inside out, the Enertia's sculpted form hints at the geometric order within. Major components are either exposed, like the chassis, or referenced, like the logo plates, which have the same diameter and plan view location as the electric motor they shield. The design details have not been left to chance either, with materials, colors and textures reminding you that you're riding a motorcycle of the highest quality.

The following charts are courtesy of Brammo:


ordering options and pricing:

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Company Overview / Mission (from their site):
Brammo Motorsports was founded in 2002 to focus on research and development that would enable us to excel in the manufacturing of specialty performance vehicles. Our integration of digital engineering, tightly meshed with innovative industrial and production design, allows us to be prolific in product development.

Creating compelling, sustainable transportation that is fun to use is our goal.

In 2005 to further develop our design and production processes, we began manufacturing the Ariel Atom, a ground breaking sports car concept by British designer Simon Sauders. The Atom is a lightweight vehicle based on GM's Ecotec engines and provides a ultra high performance driving experience with a small displacement and fuel-efficient power plant. Comedian and uber car collector Jay Leno says, "I've had my Atom for a few months now. I love it. It's actually my favourite car in terms of driving."

We have designed a new product line of plug-in electric motorcycles named Enertia™. The Enertia is an all electric, plug-in motorcycle with a 40+ mile range and 50+ mile per hour top speed.

Leveraging formula race car technology the Enertia utilizes a carbon-fibre chassis producing an ultra strong and lightweight vehicle platform of just 275 pounds. This ground breaking chassis design combined with the most powerful lithium-phosphate batteries in the world from supplier Valence Technology has produced an emissions free commuter motorcycle designed for today.

all images and info courtesy of Brammo.
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Brammo is located in Ashland, Oregon.
Enertia microsite

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