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Electra Bikes Is In The Lead When It Comes To Style.

The Electra bicycle company is relatively new to the cycle industry when compared to standards such as Schwinn and Raleigh, but makes some of the best looking bikes out there. They have been receiving some recent press about their two new Alexander Girard bikes from the design community, but if you're not familiar with the company and their complete line, you should be.

Whether you like surferesque cruiser bikes, preppy ladylike wheels or rat fink rides for the wee ones, they have it. They have 5 different collections, many styles and apparently do more than just look good, having been the recipient of Bicycle magazine's editor's picks and other awards.

First off, I'll show you the two new Alexander Girard bicycles:

Electra Bikes has added two special Alexander Girard Bicycles to their 2009 models. The Madonna and the Tree of Life bikes are in available in Ladies' styles only, in the colors shown above and are part of the Amsterdam Collection.

The Madonna (Red):


The Tree of Life (white):


Below are the available accessories for both Alexander Girard Bikes:

Electra Bicycle Company is a Carlsbad, California-based bicycle brand/company, founded in 1993 by Benno Baenziger and Jeano Erforth. The company offers a wide range of modern cruiser bicycles for men, women and children and helped bring the cruiser bike back into more popular use.

Their collections consist of The Amsterdam, The Cruiser, The Townie, The Kids as well as Tandem bikes. All of their bikes are aesthetically pleasing with great looking graphics, colors and designs. They have a vast range with styles running the gamut from preppy to beachy, hot rodder to florals, retro to streamlined.

Below are some details for you from some of their many bikes. Wild color combinations and imagery like florals, Hawaiiana, Rat Fink, flames, pin up girls, retro patterns, pin-striping, polka dots, distressed type, classic colors, whimsical baskets, and even matching training wheels for little boys or girls.

About their flat foot technology (click to enlarge):

They have many accessories for their bikes. Specially designed seats to match certain models and designs (like the three shown below), bells, baskets, flowers for the handlebars, decals and more, are perfect accompaniments to the great looking bikes, regardless of style.

Their frames are built to last a lifetime. Made from the finest tubing, TIG welded with fastidiously applied paint and details. All steel and aluminum frames carry a limited lifetime replacement warranty for the original owner.

Go here to find a dealer near you.

Their website.
The International site, their store in France.
Learn more about the company here.

USA (Main Office)
Electra Bicycle Company
3270 Corporate View, Suite A
Vista, CA 92081, USA
Tel: (760) 607-2453
Fax: (760) 598-7350

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