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And You Thought Sharpies Were For Writing Your Name In Your Undies.

The world's best known permanent laundry maker, the Sharpie, isn't just for labeling your underwear. Hand drawn cars, basement walls, decorated ceramic busts and more like those shown here may make you rethink the way you use that stinky pen.

The Sharpie Lamborghini Gallardo:

The car was actually done in sharpie markers on the paint and then finished with a clear coat for protection. It took about 2 weeks total. Prestige (Lamborghini Miami) definitely shocked a lot of people when this car was first seen in California during the Concorso Italiano/Pebble Beach week. It attracted attention good, and apparently bad as well, everywhere it went.
(images courtesy of VOD Cars and JT Photos on flickr)

Charlie Kratzer's Basement Decorated With A Sharpie:

It's no surprise that Charlie Kratzer's hand drawn basement walls have graced many a design blog, but if you haven't yet seen it, I think it's a must. I have taken the images from the video and reduced the yellow tint and tried to make the drawings clearer for you than on many blogs. I'm only sorry I wasn't able to get higher resolution images for you. Nevertheless, take a look at these.

There's Georges Seurat's Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. There is Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchill, and the Cornell Law School, of which Kratzer is an alumnus. There is Kratzer's dad. There is the harlequin pattern — alluded to in culinary culture today by the Panera bread bag — and a fake fireplace facing a real one.

How did this Sharpie world start? With a single swipe of the marker. Kratzer started mid-wall, with the Salon by Picasso. Then he thought, well, taking a design out to the edge of the wall wouldn't be overwhelming. Then the rest of the basement flared off that first wall.

Kratzer might be a lawyer by day, but in his off hours he is a man who has taken the artistic influences and heroes of his life and imagined them onto his walls, that he might keep company with them while he uses the pool table.

From the main floor leading down to the basement, there is a color mural inspired by Picasso's The Dream.

article excerpts and images from Kentucky Lexington Herald Leader

Artist Justine Ashbee, at, features a gallery of intricate Sharpie art.

above: Justine Ashbee with her paint pen art

Artist and illustrator Brian Morris uses a Sharpie to decorated ceramic busts and vinyl toys:

And Svetlana Muller uses Sharpies on canvas, paper and notebooks to create artful images:

Check out Svetlana Muller's Sharpie art here.

Sharpie Uncapped is a section of the Sharpie site where several artists' Sharpie work is shown.

Also be sure to check out the Sharpie Blog here.

By the way, in case you didn't know, Sharpie has recently introduced their new stainless steel Sharpie, very slick looking:

Official Sharpie site.

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