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Obleeek Objects - Modern Concrete Planters For Indoor & Outdoor

Obleeek Object’s concrete planters began in an art studio. Created with specific thoughtful consideration in terms of their symmetry, finish, and visual impact. Crafted as a solution for seamlessly integrating nature and architecture.

The idea has been simple from the start; to present nature as a fundamental element within architecture. Using simple forms that have become icons of an international design vocabulary designer Leo Estevez found a pedestal that presents nature as a seamless element within a contemporary landscape.

The planters are available in several sizes and in three color options; stone, ivory or black. They are made of a custom blend of concrete that is 40% lighter in weight than standard concrete and is polished to a satin finish. The planters can be ordered with or without drainage holes.

The Concrete and Glass series includes a hand blown glass insert that is available in blue for the planters.

Glass Series Planter, blue:

In addition to their planter collection, they have a stunning birdbath and a vase:

Glass Series Vase, white:


They also recently introduced end tables (with or without a bamboo top), a coffee table with bamboo top.

End table:

end table with bamboo top:

Coffee Table (bamboo top):

All of their items are 100% produced in California and all of their manufacturing is done in-house with designers and fabricators working together to produce the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

all images and information courtesy of obleeek

UPDATE: Obleek Objects is now Urban Natures Corp. and does not have all the products shown above.

Urban Nature

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