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Bauhaus Mini-modernist Doll Houses Promote Karen Walker Paints For Resene

Resene, a New Zealand professional paint company, chose to showcase their latest range of Karen Walker color paints for the home, by using mini- modernist Bauhaus inspired architectural models of homes crafted by Auckland sculptor Gidon Bing and styled by Katie Lockhart.

Bing crafted the approximately 50 cm x 50 cm models of plywood. Their painstaking work took months before it was ready for to capture.

above: Auckland based painter and sculptor Gidon Bing in his workshop. Photo by Babiche Martens

Karen Walker’s new paint range for Resene follows the best-selling ranges she developed with the company in 2001 and 2004. This time, Walker wanted the range to have a different feel. “I was searching for a worn sort of mood,” she says. “I like colours that have a muted, burnished sort of quality, as if they were thoughtfully painted on walls decades ago and have faded to perfection in the following years.”

Here are various photos of the architectural models and the accompanying Karen Walker paint collections from the promotional brochure with photos by Matthew Williams:

The following photos of the same models from slightly different angles are from Gidon Bing's profile on the Saatchi Online Gallery:

karen walker
Katie Lockhart
Gidon Bing's Saatchi Gallery

I have a thing for mini modern architectural models.

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