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Kanye's Kicks For Louis Vuitton- The Styles & The Prices & ALL The pics!

Last January I let you know that Kanye West was collaborating with Louis Vuitton on a line of kicks. Well, now they are finally here and they've evolved for the better- for the most part.

The shoes are expected to 'drop' tomorrow, July 1st. The line consists of three models; The Mr. Hudson, the Jasper and the Don.

Here's a good look at all of the $700.00+ pairs of shoes:

The Mr. Hudson is a deck shoe available in various colorways. It's expected to retail at $840.00 USD:



The Jasper is a mid top with a velcro closure at the top. It is expected to retail at $990.00 - $1140.00 USD:

The Don is a low-mid sneaker available in several colorways. It is expected to retail at $870.00 to $960.00 USD:

special thanks to Amaury Choay for La MJC, Louis Vuitton, Kanye West and BKRW for all the great images.

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