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Save Your Logo & Help Save Animals & Plants!

The principle of Save Your Logo is simple:

Save Your Logo creates an opportunity for companies represented by a plant or animal in their logo to contribute to the conservation of that species. Preserving the planet and its biodiversity is essential in the survival of the human species.

Save Your Logo is an innovative global initiative in the field of biodiversity that involves public and private funding, with supports like the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), the World Bank, the International Union for Nature Conservation and the Endowment Fund for Biodiversity.

above: Lacoste is the first major brand to join this program.

How it works:

The funds from the private sector will be invested in the Endowment Fund for Biodiversity and will then be distributed to organizations that specialize in biodiversity and local conservation projects.

The selection and follow up on these grants will be managed by a steering committee of representatives from the World Bank, the IUCN, the GEF and the Endowment Fund for Biodiversity.

Part of the private sector funding will be used to finance the creation of an Emergency Fund for the conservation of for lesser known species that are found on the IUCN Red List.

All these efforts will be overseen by independent auditors and the court of auditors.

To learn more about the tax laws and implications of the program, go here.

This public-private partnership will engage new partners from the corporate sector in the conservation community and complement existing conservation efforts. A robust education outreach campaign will engage the general public to participate in this effort.

The status of all conservation projects will be updated on a daily basis on the website.

Save Your Logo will create the first global observatory for biodiversity using a multimedia platform to communicate about it programs, creating a community of people interested in plant and animal biodiversity and the health of the planet.

If your company or one you know of has a plant or animal in their logo, turn them onto this!

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