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10 Hip Stocking Stuffers For Under $10.00

Given the many people I know who opted not to exchange gifts during this painful economic downturn, I wanted to post a few very cool items that won't cost you much more than 10 bucks. Because what's Christmas or Chanukah without any gifts? Not nearly as much fun, that's what.

iBend; the world's thinnest iPhone stand

They come two to a pack, one black and one white. A flexible but sturdy stand so you can watch videos and movies on your iphone.

$4.99 - Buy them here.

The Gangsta Rap Coloring book

48 pages of line drawings of "Gangsta" rappers, done with the thick black line we all remember from the coloring books of our youth.
$8.95 buy it here.

Bone Chillers Ice Cube Trays

About as cool as cubes can get.
$5.95- buy them here.

Little Uglys

David Horvath's line of famous plush dolls are also available in miniature. They make great pet toys, too! $9.89 each, choose from the full line here.

Blue Q Tin Savings Banks
BlueQ has a bunch of great and hilarious items for under ten dollars. Some of my favorites are their tin banks with great sarcastic imagery and sayings:

Tons to choose from and only $7.99 each. Buy them here.

Punctuation Page Marks

Set of 5 pads. 50 pages each. Super cute way to bookmark anything of interest.
Each pad is about 1"x 3”

$10.00 - buy them here

Fill Me Up Flower Vases:

Reusable plastic vases that come in various patterns.
$8.oo each- buy them here

Ouch Comic Strip Bandages:

No better way to heal a boo boo.
$4.99 - buy them here

Guitar Key Blanks
available in 2 styles, both come in black or pink

Any hardware store can cut them to your needs.
$4.95 each. Buy them here.

Tattoo-inspired Collar Stays by Collar Ink

Tattoo inspired collar stays that come in a little glass vial.
  • 2 1/2" x 3/8" (the industry’s most common size)
  • thicker than many other plastic collar stays
  • comes with a glass storage vial
  • 14 collar stays in each vial—7 pairs
  • won’t set off metal detectors
some samples:

Okay, this last one is a little more than ten bucks, but you get 7 pairs of them! So, you could actually split them up and give them to 2 people!
$12.99 for 7 pairs- see more and buy them here

So, if you need to get some little gifts on the cheap and you don't want to do a lip balm or a Starbucks gift card, then go for the above little finds. They will hardly cost you any coin, but will make most recipients smile.

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