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Getting More From Your Kicks. Nat-2's Transformable Shoes

Talk about fashion innovation! Nat-2 makes shoes that transform into a second pair with the simple unzipping of a sole. From a loafer, quilted sneaker, canvas hi-top or other type of kicks to a flat slip-on sandal in one swift move. The tops are interchangeable as well so you can have multiple looks if you own several pairs.

But that's not all. They've also recently introduced the STACK (4 in 1), a pair of kicks that can transform into 4 different options, creating endless possibilities if you own multiple styles.

The Nat-2:

Made for men or women, the styles are varied, as are the materials. You can go 'flashy' with gold or silver leathers, semi-transparent styles or crazy colors. Or more understated, with black, denim, khaki or ivory canvas and a more simple silhouette.

A German-based company, Nat-2 has patented their 2 in 1 zipper function.

Part of their present collection:

And exciting new upcoming styles:

If 2 shoes in 1 aren't impressive enough, they've recently introduced 4 in 1! A shoe that comes with added pieces to give you four complete pairs in one.

The Nat-2 STACK:

See the video:
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