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Innovative Furnishings From SixInch of Belgium

If you live outside of Belgium, Portugal or Japan, you may not be familiar with sixinch, which would be a shame given their unique approach to furniture design that incorporates a resilient foam coating.

If you're a modern furniture designophile, you might have seen the Voltaire chairs from their Louis Collection sold at various modern furniture stores on on various blogs. And if you haven't seen the Tetris table or the wonderful Hope Table... well, that's what I'm here for :)

The Hope Table:

The Tetris Table:

Beautifully engraved tables:

Their Louis Collection:

.... and most recently added to the Louis collection:

Rock Elements and Rocking Chair:

The Lounge and the Lounge 2:

The Wiggleworm:

Male and Female tables or benches:

Arrows Modular Seating:

The La mdf chair:

In addition to their foamcoated furnishings, they have two very unique products; a Plastic Carpet coffee table and the Fish Cage, an aquarium styled after a bird cage which they say will be available soon (I want that!)

Plastic Carpet Coffee Table:

The Fish Cage:

About SixInch:
Founded in 2003 by Pieter Jamart and Michele Sels is an international furniture and design company with offices in Belgium, Portugal and Japan. Their focus is on the design and manufacturing of coated foam furnishings. They have other items as well in various materials, but they developed a special strong and reliable foamcoating suitable for a large range of uses.

Their talented designers:

They are presently hoping to extend their network, so I hope to see them in the US soon.


Contact info:
SixInch Head Office
Amerikalei 169 - 171
2000 Antwerp
tel: +32 3 238 72 72
Fax: +32 3 237 76 08
VAT: BE 878 900 766

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