Majestic Gemstone Is Jewelry For Your Home: Semi-precious Surfaces and More


Want to add a little organic luxury to your home? Consider counter tops and more made from meticulously crafted semi precious stones and fossils.

Majestic Gemstone specializes in manufacturing, through a unique process, surfaces and end products made of inlaid semi-precious stones and fossils. Materials include blue agate, white quartz, petrified wood, amethyst, carnelian, tiger eye and more. Applications range from a line of vanities and mirrors, to illuminated bathtubs, bars, kitchen islands, showers, fireplaces and more.

For the bathroom:


For the kitchen:

Contact info:
Industrial Zone Ad-Halom
P.O.Box 12452
77600 Ashdod Israel
Toll Free: 1-866-796-4939
Tel: 972-8-8655996l
Fax: 972-8-8663697

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Anonymous said...

Beware. I have a Majestic Gemstone countertop that has warped, cracked, scratched, peeled, etc, etc, etc... It is so soft that you can indent your finger in it. Company says it's normal. Refused to listened to our issues. I bought it for kitchen because it was "heat and scratch resistant" and advertised as extremely durable. This was one of my biggest (and most expensive) mistakes.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.