Nothing Standard About These T-shirts: 3 Great Designs For The Standard Hotels

Three contemporary legends, Jose Parla, Eric Haze and Natas Kaupas from Miami, NYC and LA have created a set of 3 limited edition T-shirts for The Standard Hotel's 3 properties (owned by Andre Balazs) in those cities. Incorporating black and white typography, each style gives a different the vibe and brings out the feeling and culture of each cosmopolitan city.

The shirts, besides being beautifully designed, come in special little pouches. Available in either black or white and in small, medium or large sizes. Each is limited to 1, 500 of each design, costs $55.00 USD and is available for purchase through the Standard Hotel's online store here.

Orders before 18th Dec will be received before the holidays using regular shipment. Orders before Dec 22 will arrive for holidays.

Natas Kaupas Los Angeles shirt:

Eric Haze New York shirt:

Jose Parla Miami shirt:

About The Artists:
These 3 impressive artists have a rich body of work - each with a style that represent the 3 cities where Standard Hotels are located:

Jose Parla - a contemporary artists with graffiti roots whose work looks like kaleidoscope of layered colors and textures. It's totally incredible to watch him at work - you can watch him on a CoolHunting video from last year here.
•His first solo exhibition in NYC just opened at Cristina Grajales (from Nov 8 to Dec 20)
•He has had many exhibitions around the world in USA, UK, Australia, Dubai, Japan etc. etc. - including ones at Christies during art basel and with Takashi Murakami in Tokyo.
•His first UK solo show called "Adaptation/Translation" opened in October at ELMS LESTERS PAINTING ROOMS
•He was also one of 6 young artists who went to China for an artists' tour - the other artists on this trip include with artists like Suitman, Rostarr, Deanne Cheuk, Davi Russo (photographer), Mark Foster (filmmaker) See more about that

Eric Haze - legendary graffiti artist and graphic designer from New York City and is known as one of the earliest designers of streetwear clothing
•Eric has collaborated with a number of brands such as Porsche, Sony, Stussy, Mountain Dew, Nike, G-Shock, New Balance
•Some of his works include the now iconic early hip-hop logos for Public Enemy, EPMD, and MTV as well as album covers for the Beastie Boys and Tommy Boy Records. His handwritten text for the cover of the Beastie Boys "Check Your Head" album is probably one of the most imitated handwriting styles to this day.
•His customised Lotus "Exige" to help celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Sony / Playstation video game "Gran Turismo" received a huge amount of attention globally -car is currently being auctioned on ebay to benefit Studio in a School, a New York non-profit that pairs professional artists with children.
•Earlier this year Haze completed a major solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Hong Kong

Natas Kaupas - accomplished artist and skateboarding legend - He is often referred to as one of the first true professional street skateboarders during the "Dogtown Era" - there are loads of amazing videos about him on YouTube.
•In early 1990’s, Natas began to do art direction and graphic design for such companies as Santa Monica Airlines, Element, Vita, Etnies and his own board company, Designarium - and later became global creative director at Quicksilver.
•Natas was profiled in one of the most famous skateboarding films of all time "Streets on Fire”

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