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Jethro Macey Adds Whimsy & Texture To Usually Ordinary Items

Innovative 26 year old designer Jethro Macey has been hailed as a 'Name to Watch' in 2008 by the Telegraph Magazine and the recipient of several impressive design awards. He has self-produced many products and collaborated with companies like Decode London and Worldwide Fred for both mass produced and limited edition products.

Side boards, wall hooks, table lamps, wall-mounted bathroom cabinets and floor tiles get infused with texture and whimsy to create unique and charming alternatives to the ordinary.

Bathroom cabinets highlight a particular object by setting it preciously within a small inset frame in the corner:


Flamenco cabinet and detail:

Cat, Soldier, Giraffe and Radio cabinets:

Each cabinet measures W. 350 x H. 450 x D.150 mm and will be available starting April 2009. (2013 Update: No longer available)

Coin Lamp:

His Coin Lamp is the first product in a range based on the concept of values and reward, it subtly heightens awareness of consumption through design.

Turned on by a coin-operated switch, the lamp is set to predetermined time by an internal mechanism. Developed with the assistance of a NESTA training program the final version of coin lamp will be available soon.
(2013 Update: No longer available)

Flying Duck Hooks

Powder coated 2mm steel hooks complete with wall fixings.

Available in a range of colors. $110 / set of three. Each hook set consists of; Small W. 250 H. 120 mm, Medium W. 175 H.140 mm and Large W.200 H.160 mm
(2013 Update: No longer available)

Lace Tile

The lace tile was the Winner of the Best in Flooring category from the Elle Decoration British Design Awards:

By mixing conventional materials with high technology surface design techniques a repeating pattern has been translated from lace into a three dimensional tile.

Above: the lace tile used as the face for a retail counter

The tiles reveal the decorative rose pattern when laid in multiples. Projects include Urban outfitters, Revolution Vodka Bar and private residences in the UK and Europe.

Dot Shade & Aluminum Base lamp

Handcrafted laser etched birch shade. The random pattern is formed during construction when many of the dots fall out. Complete with brushed aluminum base.

Shade dimensions W.400 x D. 250 x H.320 mm, Base Height 1200 mm, $430.00
(2013 Update: No longer available)

Textile Side Unit

The side board, named the Textile Side Unit, was made in collaboration with Decode, London. A lacquered carcass with CNC milled stone composite doors and solid oak base, it's priced from $8,000 and available in multiple sizes.

2 Door W.1600 D.550 H.700mm
3 Door W.1800 D.550 H.700mm
4 Door W.2400 D.550 H.700mm
(2013 Update: No longer available)

His Birthday Candelabra for Worldwide Fred:

buy it here.

Jethro, in his own words:

"My approach to my work and practice is to design products with both purposeful intent and visual appeal. I incorporate digital technologies into my design process alongside hands on construction techniques.

My work is designed in response to either self a directed brief or commission and is designed with the notion of a batch or mass production run in mind.

I established my business in early 2006 and design and manufacture a range of interior products sold through a selection of independent retailers both in the UK and abroad."
-Jethro Macey

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