Emma Hack Takes Body Art To A New Level With Her Latest Collection

We've seen body painting before. I've posted about well-known hand painter, Guido Daniele and the body painting of shoes on feet by Temptu. And how could I forget Veruschka?* But it wasn't until I saw her work on the cover of India's Platform magazine, that I was introduced to Australian artist and body illustrator Emma Hack.

Above: The image used on cover of Platform magazine from last year that piqued my interest in the work of Emma Hack.

An artist with several skills; sculpture, multimedia, photographer and more, I'm sharing images of her body painting for this post because it's simply amazing. Her work uses the naked bodies of both men and women as canvases and incorporates the backgrounds to give us the illusion of a flat surface in which the bodies are so well camouflaged against wall coverings, it's hard to even see them.

About this stunning collection: Emma’s Wallpaper 2005, 2007 and 2008 collections feature Florence Broadhurst wallpaper designs mixed with her body illustration. Emma continues to work blending her ‘wallflowers’ with the beautiful designs of Broadhurst.

Emma’s recent 2008 collection, featured during the Adelaide Fringe Festival, features exotic Australian animals, nude landscapes and a continued collection of Florence Broadhurst wallpapers. Emma photographed this collection herself, evolving her talents further. Here are her most recent works from her Wallpaper series:

And earlier works in the series:

In her Evolution collection, she actually painted animals!
An alligator, a possum, a dragon and turtles:

A bit about the artist:
Emma began her career as a make up and hair stylist and painted children's faces. She has evolved into a world-class body illustrator with several awards and acclaim, as well as a sculptor, a photographer and more. She's involved in several projects and continues to stretch and hone her talents.

Emma is represented in Adelaide by:
Art Images Gallery
32 The Parade Norwood
SA 5067
Phone: 08 8363 0806

I had to amend this post to answer to the several emails I've received reminding me of the amazing body painting and transfigurations by Vera Lehndorff (aka Veruschka). I was remiss in not referencing her work in a post about body painting- because it is superb and especially since my colleagues worked with her to produce a Lexus TV and print campaign in the mid 90s.

After beginning her career as a model in the 60’s, Lehndorff used the Veruschka pseudonym to enter the public domain, becoming one of the most sought-after and heavily publicized models in international fashion. Prior to crossing over to the art world with a renowned series of camouflage body-paintings, Lehndorff worked with many prominent photographers, including Helmet Newton.

above: self portrait by 'Veruschka'

Vera von Lehndorff (aka Veruschka)'s myspace page.


Ben said...

If you like this, then do yourself a favor and search for:
veruschka body paint
on youtube to see someone else who did something similar about a decade ago. I have the book that features all the photography from the video you'll find.


WendyB said...

@ Ben, the first thing this brought to mind was Veruschka too, though as I recall, she specialized in nature scenes. This is very pretty work.

Laura Sweet said...

Ben and Wendy B, here's some irony for you. Not only do I know of Veruschka's work but I worked with her. She did a Lexus campaign for myself and my colleagues in the mid 90s.
-the editor

Patricio C. G. Colombo said...

Wow! Your art is amazing. Those wallpapers are alive.

Patricio C. G. Colombo said...

Those wallpapers are alive! Thanks for sharing your art Emma ;)

Julia Breton said...

Simply amazing. Some of the blending requires a second look to spot the person hidden in the background.

Elizabeth said...

These are incredible!! Beautiful!

****( it is actually illegal to paint turtles)

In case you were not aware, in the
60's - 70's, sliver dollar turtles were dying out in mass because of this reason, and it's still illegal to even own them in many states for that purpose. They are actually quite sensitive to paint, and will get sick, and often die. It is not like skin..

So.. please not paint anymore turtles, as wonderful as the art might turn out. it's just not good for them.

Anonymous said...

This is a complete and total ripoff of Adriana Czernin's recent work. Shown at Pompidou Centre, Freeze Ldn exhibition etc
: http://www.martinjanda.at/kuenstler_3_czernin.html
(see image 10 onwards

Laura Sweet said...

Anonymous, I don't get how you perceive Emma Hack's work as a rip-off of the work of Adriana Czerin's recent work. They are completely different.

One is fine art prints, the other is body makeup. The only commonality is camouflage of a woman amongst backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

What sort of body paint do they use???

Dwijayasblog said...

Truly work of art. Beautiful.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.