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Funky Find Of The Week: NEWD Adhesive Jewelry

NEWD of Italy is a company who designs and sells 'skin jewels' or 'wireless jewelry'. Gems and crystals set in precious and non-precious metals you can apply directly to the skin via an adhesive backing. They carry five collections and the prices vary depending upon the collection.

The 5 collections consist of The GOLDEN and SILVER Collections (some solid, some plated) , The MY STONES collection (with real gemstones or colored Swarovski crystals), the FASHION collection (wings embellished with Swarovski crystals, buffalo heads with real horse fur, and skulls with cubic zircons) and finally the exoskeletal My BONES collection (rhodium plated silver with your choice of colored Swarovski crystals in a vertebrae-like shape).

While the simple silver and gold flat iconographic pieces look like interesting shiny tattoos on the skin, the 'My Stones' and 'My Bones' collection designed by Italian journalist, politician and tv personality, Irene Pivetti, are certainly far creepier.

The 'My Stones' collection looks eerily as if one has broken out in bejeweled lesions and the 'My Bones' collection makes the wearer look like a Borg.

However, I commend them for a unique approach to the long hardly unchanged tradition of jewelry. See what you think.

Various Skin jewels from the Golden and Silver Collections:

Irene Pivetti's 'My Stones':

Irene Pivetti's 'My Bones':

The Fashion Collection:

The innovative adhesive film, Skin Touch was developed by the company’s internal research center. The results are a non-toxic-anallergic-waterproof film.

SKIN TOUCH is naturally an exclusive patented invention of Newd which guarantees maximum versatility for every type of jewel designed and created by the company.

How to apply Skin Touch

•Clean your skin with soap or methylated spirits, and dry well.
•Detach the Skin Touch from its transparent film.
•Attach the Skin Touch to the back of the jewel, pressing well.
•Remove the protective film trying to avoid touching the adhesive part that will come in contact •with your skin.

•Apply the jewel to the clean part of your skin.
•A new Skin Touch must be applied every time the jewel is detached and then re-attached to your skin.

Visit the site and shop for the items here.

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