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Small Spikey Mammals Serve As Design Muse: It's A Hedgehog Heydey.

Hedgehogs have appeared in tons of products lately. Sure, they've always been a favorite amongst the serious gardening crowd, but these little critters have become the new hip design muse for many a product.

I'm not talking about those little crafty hedgehogs made of pine cones or cuddly stuffed animals, but instead hedgehog inspired designs and functional modern iconographic versions of the little animal. From 18k rose gold jewelry by Boucheron, wall art, doormats, desk accessories and chocolates to candles, bath rugs and letter pressed coasters-- even hood ornaments!-- all 24 shown below are available for purchase. Just click on the images below for purchase information.

Hedgehog Heydey! All HIP Hedgehog stuff
Clockwise from upper left:

• diamond and mink hedgehog brooch by Marchak
• chocolate hedgehogs
• hedgehog picture frame
• felt hedgehog
• metal and coir hedgehog doormat
• organic cotton hedgehog pillow
• Flensted hedgehog mobile
• Ceramic hedgehog bank by Big Tomato
• 24" diameter hedgehog rug
• Boucheron's 18k rose gold and ruby hedgehog necklace
• Alessi's Dozi hedgehog paperclip holder
• Stelabirds Hedgehog pouch
• Mini bronze cast hedgehog
• 18k rose gold boucheron hedgehog rin
• Hedgehog sprint print
• letter-pressed hedgehog coasters
• hedgehog candle
• hedgehog hood ornament
• handcrafted wood hedgehog puzzle
• hedgehog patterned messenger bag
• hedgehog art on canvas
• hedgehog t-shirt for The Shins
• hedgehog pencil holder
• hedgehog mini glow nitelite

Just click on the images above for more info and links to purchase.

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