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A Trailer You'd NEVER call Trash! Tabbert's Paganini Caravan

In the last few years the Tabbert brand has undergone repositioning and has clearly rejuvenated its corporate image. With the luxe Paganini, their designers, developers, and product managers have created a new standard in the category. In the Paganini, Tabbert combines automotive design with innovative technology and quality to result in a trailer that's anything but trash. They refer to it as a "caravan" and so will I throughout the rest of this post.

The Exterior:

The flush F.AC.E window system that runs from the three-dimensionally overarched front of the caravan through to the rear, is unique to the Paganini.

A Silverline package features side walls in wood-free sandwich design, where an insulating core of XPS rigid foam plastic provides more static properties, strength, and stability at a relatively low weight.

One of the most important new constructions is the Tabbert premium roof. With a thickness of 6 cm this roof provides optimal thermal insulation and excellent noise protection when it rains.

The innovative air circulation in the Tabbert premium roof is of new design. Behind a double wall in the top cabinets (in both the front and in the rear areas) there are openings into the roof. The air in the interior is thus continuously exchanged, which guarantees a pleasant room climate and almost completely prevents heat accumulation.

The channels for the optional air-conditioning system also run in the roof. Through a special duct, cold air flows into the roof and then distributes into the air-conditioning channels and can uniformly exit at three positions in the ceiling panels. This technology allows completely draught-free cooling of the interior of the caravan.

The Interior:

Indirect lighting in the circumferential ceiling panels, inset LED spots, and reading lamps in the seat group and in the bedroom provide lighting not usually found in recreational vehicles.

The new light control system allows you to set individual lights that also can be dimmed.

And upon request the ceiling lamp above the seat group also is available with a backlit Tabbert emblem.

Luxurious details and materials are used throughout from the leathers to the wood veneers and stainless steel hardware.

The Kitchen:

Sophisticated functionality and first-class workmanship are also in the kitchen. The interior has a champagne-colored furniture decor and details such as a solid-surface worktop with chopping board and sink cover.

There is a three-burner Spinflo cooker with glass panel and a sufficiently large working area that is easy to clean.

The kitchen equipment is available with a powerful extractor hood and a 189 litre refrigerator (both optional).

The Bathroom:

A very special feature in the 655 DF is the spacious round shower with illuminated ceiling.

Mahogany real wood veneer and solid-surface materials also are found in the bath.

Practical stowage trays and a toilet with ceramic coating provide real 'at home' type comfort.

The Bedroom:

All inclusive

* Tabbert premium roof with integrated air-conditioning channels for optimal cold air ventilation
* Furniture flaps (mahogany real wood veneer) with gas pressure springs
* Ceiling panels covered with Alcantessa and featuring state-of-the-art LED light technology
* Solid-surface worktop in the kitchen, incl. chopping board and sink cover
* Solid-surface panel in the bath
* Alloy wheels painted in black
* High-quality hinges and exclusive SafetyLocks
* Dimmable 20 W bulbs
* Light control system
* Ventilated seat stowage boxes, and rear-ventilation of the top cabinets into the roof (in the front and in the rear)
* High-quality surfaces
* Exclusive fabric groups: Avantgarde, Elegance, Noblesse
* Comfort door with safety concept
* Illuminated entrance step with Tabbert lettering (integrated and insulated; for a clear plus in safety and comfort)
* Integrated aluminium bottle box bottom with spare wheel holder

Standard equipment

* Wide-track safety chassis with axle shock absorbers
* Smooth running chassis
* Stabiliser safety coupling (AKS 2004) with softdock
* Low-profile tyres
* Service hatch in the side wall (depending on the layout)
* Dometic toilet CT 3110 (except 655 MDW)
* Mini-Heki, with forced ventilation
* Lift-tilt sunroof, version 2
* Hinged frame windows, tinted for sun screening
* Combination roller blinds and mosquito protection
* 12 V tent light above the entrance door
* Safety tail lights with round single lights
* White smooth plate (front window or blind panel depending on the layout)
* Comfortable manoeuvring handles
* Truma SL5002 heating, two fan motors and heating circuits, heating fan (12 V) with engine speed control
* 13-pole connector plug, «Jäger» system (DIN 72570)
* Gas pipe (Ø 10 mm) from gas bottle to distributor block
* 45 l fresh water tank, built-in
* Warm air system with automatic speed control, 12 V
* SAT antenna cable laid
* Converter / switching power supply 250 VA
* Hinged bed base with mattress holder (spring mattress)
* Hot water supply (in kitchen and toilet, with Truma-Therme)
* Drawbar cover
* Corner shelves with indirect lighting
* PVC floor covering
* 655 DF exclusive shower with illuminated ceiling and solid-surface covering in the shower column

Tabbert Caravan GmbH
Sandweg 1
36391 Sinntal-Mottgers

USt.ID-Nr.: DE154871125
Handelsregister Hanau, HRB 90459
phone: +49 (0) 66 64 - 89 0
fax: +49 (0) 66 64 - 61 98

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