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An Homage To Aalto And A Nod To Global Warming Wins Droog's Climate Competition

Above left: The original classic Aalto Savoy Vase and right, Jan Ctvrtnik's entry into the competition

I'm a big fan of Alvar Aalto's work and have blogged about him before, as well as complied a list of available items by him and inspired by him here. So when I saw that the winner of Droog's Climate Competition was a variation of Aalto's famous 1936 Savoy Vase (now available in multiple sizes and colors produced by iittala), I was captivated and simply had to share.

Winner Jan Ctvrtnik altered the famous shape by showing how it would appear if it, too, were to suffer the effects of global warming. The result is both brilliant and beautiful and doesn't 'ruin' Aalto's fluid classic vase, but instead enhances it.

See for yourself.

With 32% of all votes, visitors of the Droog website have chosen 'Droog Aalto' by Jan Ctvrtnik as the winning proposal for the Climate Competition. Droog initiated the competition for which anyone could submit any idea in any possible form, as long as it concerned the 'climate' theme.

Winner Jan Ctvrtnik: 'I realised that climate changes are visualised mostly by numbers and scientific measurements. In order to show changes, it is good to have a reference point.' And so the Aalto vase became that reference point with its shape originating from the shape of a Finnish lake. The 'Droog' part of the title can be translated as 'Dry', obviously relating to global warming.
Originally Czechoslovakian, Jan Ctvrtnik currently lives and works in Pordenone, Italy. After studying design in Prague and at IKDC in Lund (Sweden), he is now working as an industrial designer for Electrolux.

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