Yoo by Starck: Dwell95, New Fab Apartments On Wall Street

The success of Yoo's first ever rental project was cemented with the launch of the show apartment in New York on 15th September. The project has already proven popular, with over 50 percent of the apartments rented since leasing commenced in late spring.

Dwell95, the first Yoo by Starck-designed rental property in the world, will offer everything from studios to lofts, as well as spacious one and two-bedroom residences.

The 'Classic' Apartment interior (click images to enlarge):

The bathroom in the 'Classic' model (click to enlarge):

The 'Nature' apartment interior (click images to enlarge):

The bathroom in the 'Nature' model (click to enlarge):

Dwell95 offers the luxurious amenities of a full-service hotel with the comforts of home, including a 24-hour concierge service and doorman; valet services; on-site parking; a fitness center including the Kinesis program, a state-of-the-art strength training system and a complimentary daily breakfast. An indoor/outdoor lounge highlights Yoo by Starck's signature style; an opulent mix of playfulness and seduction.

The indoor lounge (shown above) features an elegant fireplace, while the outside lounge (shown below) is beautifully landscaped with intimate seating areas.

The fitness center:

Located at 95 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005:

For information on renting at Dwell95, click here. Or if you have a potential rental project contact Yoo at: +44 (0)207 009 0100 or info@yoo.com.

What Does Yoo Do?:
YOO turn properties that are under-rated, forgotten or unloved into homes and other spaces that design-conscious people find irresistible.

Our co-founders are the internationally celebrated designer Philippe Starck and the developer John Hitchcox, whom a British newspaper called 'the Miuccia Prada of the property industry', adding, 'He knows how we want to live before we do.'

Who is Yoo?
In case you haven't heard, the YOO design team includes the biggest names in design. Purchase a yoo inspired by Starck home or invest in pod living by Jade Jagger for yoo, and you know you're getting a valuable original.

The same is true of designs by the in-house YOO design team, which includes some of the most talented and imaginative designers you've probably never heard of. As with all our design services, YOO's own designs come in a selection of luxurious palettes for x-factor with ease.

Today YOO are in more than 20 cities worldwide from Leeds to Miami.

For up-to-date availability or for more information on investment property, please email call our sales team on +44 (0)207 009 4690 or email at sales@yoofirst.com.



Anonymous said...

Hey, these pictures dare NOT all Dwell. The rooftop lounge is at 15 Broad (Condo). You can even see the NY stock exchange across the street.

Laura Sweet said...

They are one and the same. read on:
"The former headquarters of JP Morgan, comprised of a 42-story tower at 15 Broad Street and an adjoining five-story building at 23 Wall Street, are being converted into the first luxury high-rise condominium on the block, known as "Downtown by Philippe Starck." Together with project architect Ismael Leyva and developer A.I. & Boymelgreen, Starck, one of France's best known designers, plans to transform the epicenter of American finance -- the intersection of Broad and Wall Streets -- into a vertical paradise. "

Jenny said...

This is the worst building I've ever experienced. The elevators rarely work and in September a pipe burst flooding and destroying apartments on numerous floors. The building employees are unhelpful and rude. In fact, Sabrina Bowman, the Property Manager, told a tenant that she should "Sleep on the floor" when the flood occurred and the tenant's apartment and bed were unusable. When all this happened, the tenant received nothing from the building. No reduction in rent, nothing helpful whatsoever despite the apartment being unlivable, not to mention the inconvenience. I would never never want to live in a building like this.

Anthony said...

i've been living here for a yr. def not gonna renew my lease. ok here we go:
1. every floor smells like pot. not exaggerating!!!
2. Sabrina Bowman the manager is unprofessional and needs a better attitude. every complaint goes in one ear and out the other. she ignores everyone!
3. electricity - they say they save u money on electricity bec they buy it buy the bulk. but they overcharge by almost double!! and they put it under building services not electricity. my electric bill came out double what i have paid in any previous luxury building.
4. windows - all the apt windows are not fully sealed so tons of cold air comes in the winter and visa versa in the summer. management answers put the heater or ac on!. yea as if they are paying my bill.
5. complaints concerning the apt take forever to take care of.
6. breakfast always runs out - obviously bec most of the apt have like 5 people in a 2 bedroom just to save money.
7. their was no ac in the gym the entire summer.
8. the workout classes they give in the morning SUCK. the little red head has no experience at all and is very annoying. most of her classes have 1 or 2 people. usually she ends up stretching on her own or doesnt show.
9. the washer and dryer in the apt are really small, just enough for underwear and 3 small towels.
10. the toilets flush really bad bec there's not enough water pressure...there will always be leftovers (beware).
11. hot water takes about 4 min in the morning for the showers. about the same for the sink in the kitchen.
12. the stove is big enough to cook a baby chicken, not much more. i bought a grill to compensate.
13. the stove top clicks when there is too much humidity in the room.
14. the light in the fridge turn on on holidays only. just joking but they rarely work.
15. they fired all the door men to save money, there's only a guy at the desk now.

FYI the company owning the building is going bankrupt, no wonder! and yes Chace is a really great neighbor, he complains too, but nothing helps lol .

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.