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Corbus Boards: Aluminum Shaped Boards For Skaters

Skate boarders now have tons of options out there when it comes to artsy decorated or painted decks. Wood or aluminum, silk screened, hand-painted and printed, there are thousands of very cool ones to choose from. But here's something a little new. These aluminum boards are cut, sanded and drilled, and are actually shaped into things like seahorses and skeletons. Corbus boards are hand crafted shaped aluminum skateboards by a guy named... well, Corbus.

In the designer's own words:

Skateboards have always been an extension of their owners — modified by their user both for style and ride-ability. At Corbusboards, I wanted to take this concept to the next level. To take skateboard design further than the graphics on the bottom of the board and the body beyond tradition. To me it was a logical next step to realize that the entire board could be created in a shape that would play into the style and expression of its rider. Not only is the board itself the design, but it is a fully functional, impressive to ride art objects.

Knowing that the classic wood structure was limited I turned to aluminum streamlining the design until I came up with sleek silhouettes at around the same weight of traditional long-boards — and just as ride-able. These custom boards are a completely original cross between a long-board and a short-board for a smooth cruising ride that is also focused on independent vision and comfort. These are not trick boards, but they are tricked.

When you choose to ride a Corbusboard, you are riding a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted board that shows the world you have unique style. We can custom create almost anything you can dream up . . . you ride your own expression, not just some redecorated, mass-produced object.

Taking what I’ve learned while making aluminum boards, I now plan to return to the idea of wood as the main material — but with my own twist. I will be focused on making stylish, hand-carved wood boards that are as unique as all of the current aluminum designs . . .


So, here are the aluminum boards he's created thus far:

This fish board measures 9" at its widest point, and 6" at its narrowest. It is 32" long. It comes with Seismic quick turn 45° trucks on the front, and Seismic stable turn 30° trucks on the back, abec 5 speed bearings, and 70mm soft urethane wheels. 62mm vented wheels are available as an option. And there are illuminated riser pads under the trucks to give the board an underglow effect at night. Additionally, you can choose between riser pads or lit wheels. Buy it here

This sea horse board measures 8-1/2" at its widest point, and 5" at its narrowest. It is 30"long. It comes with Seismic stable turn 30° trucks, abec 5 speed bearings, and 70mm soft urethane wheels. And there are illuminated riser pads under the trucks to give the board an underglow effect at night. Buy it here.

A peek at the process:

Visit the Corbusboards site here.

Purchasing of boards is now possible from each individual board's page.
Or contact them:
phone: 206.355.3062
mail: Box 2608 #185 2nd Ave, Seattle//WA 98121

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