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Funky Find Of The Week: The Fe-tisch Coffee Table

The Fe-tisch coffee table is a limited edition art piece of functional furniture that is part of the "tisch" series by Draenert.

For the internationally renowned manufacturer of designer furniture and tables, DRAENERT, Peter, for once, wanted to be distinctly "giers-tisch". (a reference to designer Walter Giers). He intended to invent Giers-objects as limited editions in the shape of tables, which explain themselves by an adjective*. These new types of objects for interior design, for collectors and museums, for proprietors of art galleries and action opportunities are "giers-tisch" in the true meaning of the word, which means they are aesthetic and at the same time filled with typically Giers-electronic, which again creates pure aesthetics. In one case there are optical effects of the finest, light and picture changes, optical illusions, which repeatedly dissolve.

Some tables, however, are pure diversion which were accepted as a favour to the joker or designer Giers, like the fe-tisch, the fantas-tisch or the elas-tisch. They are tables and they are not tables, derived at from the one adjective or misunderstood joke. And then the unique specimen "Stammtisch", no joke, also not an adjective, a grand idea of the electronic art of a Walter Giers for the topic ‘table’, namely, for a non existing table reserved for the regulars.

The artist took his inspiration from German adjectives with this ending, which as a noun "Tisch" is the German word for "table". This play on words can be explained but, unfortunately, not be translated. Just one example: "op-tisch" could be read as "optic table".

In short, tables, wherever one is looking: especially op-tische or akus-tische, typical Giers-tische, Phantas-tische. Many of them are unique specimens; some are as a limited edition of 6 pieces, others in a quantity of 50 pieces.

*Giers: "Originally there was the word: Fe-tisch. A screw clamp solution: the Fe-tisch utilizes used ladies underwear in a novel way. Objectively: Ladies underwear is fixed by two 4 screw clamps between two glass plates. The clamps serve at the same time as the table legs"

Fe-tisch table is a limited Edition: 1 piece

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