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Have The Mandate Press Make Your Cards If You Can't Design. Or Even If You Can.

Most places that offer stock designs for business or calling cards look fairly cheesy and cheap. But not the ones from the Mandate Press. Actual letter pressed text on nice stock that comes in the form of one of seven standard design styles or you can design your own ( line art only, no photos). For $95.00 you get 250 cards.

Above: The Secret Agent

The seven styles that they have are suitable for almost every personality type and/or profession. For the more conservative and traditional, there's the Aristocrat or the Secret Agent.

Above: The Runway

For the edgy, there's the Pirate or the Rockstar. For the artsy or modern minimalist, the Artist and The Runway. And for the more feminine, the Femme Fatale.

Above: detail of Femme Fatale

Above: detail of The Artist

Above: detail of Rockstar

These are far better looking than most people's business cards. So if in doubt, take a look at their options, trust these guys and get yourself some here.

Who is the Mandate Press?

The Mandate Press is a custom letterpress shop located in Salt Lake City. They print a wide variety of jobs, ranging from small runs of invitations and business cards to high volume commercial work.

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