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Guido Daniele's Hand Painting Used To Sell AT&T's Roaming Capabilities

Most of us 'creative types' and net surfers have seen Milan-based artist Guido Daniele's amazing hand painting before, but its latest incarnation is in a new AT&T International Roaming ad campaign by BBDO Atlanta, shot by Toronto based photographer Andric (who happens to speak Italian so he could converse easily with Daniele). The animals and imagery painted on the hands are to symbolize the countries in which you have 'roaming' capabilities with AT&T.

Below are some of the images used in the ads without all the signage, info and logos:

And here are some of the ads as they are running in publications:

The photo shoot for the nine initial ads was two weeks long. The hand-painting took approximately a full day, with Guido beginning in the morning as Andric prepared the lighting and minimal retouching on the shots taken the day before. By the time they were ready to shoot, it was already nightfall.

Above: Hand painter Guido Daniele at work

ad campaign credits:
Advertising Agency: BBDO Atlanta, BBDO New York, USA
Chief Creative Officers: David Lubars, Bill Bruce
Executive Creative Director: Susan Credle
Creative Directors: Rich Wakefield, Chuck Meehan
Art Director: Brian Locascio
Copywriter: Bridget Prophet
Painter: Guido Daniele
Photographer: Andric

Learn about Guido and see lots more of of his amazing hand painting here

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