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Bruxe: The Inaugural Collection. Bags, Computer Cases and Backpacks Done Right.

Montreal-based Bruxe Designs has just released a line of bags and backpacks that are akin to the Little Black Dress. Although touted for outdoorsmen, boarders, shredders and categorized under 'men' in stores, these are beautiful for either sex and everyday use. Everyone should have one and it goes with everything.

Capitalizing on the patent trend, the bags are constructed out of laser-cut patent leather mixed with canvas, and their uniformly black exteriors and punchy red interior fabric details emphasize the designers' new approach, creating bags with a slick, low-profile appearance that unobtrusively pack major utilitarian features inside.

Their inaugural collection consists of the following five designs.
The Johnson Computer Pack:

The Greene Three Day Pack:

The Farrington Low Profile Pack:

The Jefferson Rolling Duffel:

and The Lloyd Mac Book Carrier:

Who is Bruxe?

Under their Rekognize Design moniker, Belgian born twin brothers Oli and Mer Van Roost have been designing and marketing backpacks, accessories and apparel for a variety of skate and snowboard companies for 10+ years. But they often had the sense that the crème de la crème of their designs were falling by the wayside. As Oli explains, "I always felt that my most progressive designs were being held back. Clients often chose styles which were closer to what they had seen from other companies as they felt they were less risky." Thus, Bruxe, the brothers' new independently owned streetwear label was born.

Available for purchase at Robust Flavor.

Bruxe design

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