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Graphic Concrete: Adding Life To A Big Ol' Grey Slab

Think concrete just has to be a big ol' plain slab? Not anymore... at least not in Helsinki, where Graphic Concrete applies texture and imagery to what would ordinarily be a big grey slab. They have devised a new way to produce a patterned concrete surface. The patented Graphic Concrete technology involves applying a surface retarder to the surface of a special membrane and this method allows concrete product manufacturers to produce different types of high-quality patterned concrete elements and slabs.

In addition to being patterned, the concrete surface can also be smooth or completely exposed fine aggregate as well as tinted or stained a color. A photo or text can also be reproduced/ designed into the concrete as you will see in the following examples.

You can choose from several of their surface patterns or even design your own. The effect looks great on both exteriors of buildings, interior walls, floors or installations.

Graphic Concrete Ltd
Porkkalankatu 11 H 11
Tel +358 9 6842 0093

Learn more, see their surface patterns, finished buildings and the process here at Graphic Concrete's site.

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